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1901: Death of Queen Victoria - 20th Century Almanac

Tragic News of King's Death - 1952

1901: Death of Queen Victoria - 20th Century Almanac

The 20th Century Almanac A series of documentaries that highlights the most important and interesting events of the 20th Century. Shocking events, big scandals, the most famous murders, the most important personalities of international politics. A large dose of knowledge about politics, culture and history. Episode: 1901: Death of Queen Victoria January 22, 1901 - London. A Great Power mourns its queen. The end of an era.After 63-years reign, Queen Victoria dies in Buckingham Palace. The subjects cannot imagine the empire without the great old lady. The bells ring all over Great Britain.


Commentary Spoken by Leslie Mitchell and Eric Dunstan

Tragic News of King's Death - 1952

A New Queen - 1952 | Movietone Moment | 8 Feb 1952.

On this day in 1952, a new Queen was proclaimed for the UK. Here is the British Movietone report on this momentous event. Her Majesty arrives home and is proclaimed at St. James's Palace. Cut story - GV Windsor Castle. King's Troop. Royal Horse Artillery pass through Marble Arch. Above firing (RHA) artillery minute guns at Tower of London. GV Tower with guns firing. London Airport, Ministers wait on aerodrome. Lord and Lady Mountbatten arrive, shake hands with Duke of Gloucester. Churchill shakes hands with Gloucester. Churchill and Attlee. All in top hats, and mourning dress. GV Ministers look up at sky. Argonaut taxies to stand still. Gloucesters, Mountbatten and Churchill waiting. GV Gloucester entering plane, Ministers lined up in fore. Queen Elizabeth alights from plane, shakes hands with Churchill and other Ministers. Followed by Duke. Queen and Duke shake hands with air crew. Queen into car, drives away. GV St. James's Palace. Cut-in crowds. St. James's Palace, crowds. GV and SCU Proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II being read by Sir George Bellew, on his left is Duke of Norfolk, behind is Lord Halifax. Fading on the word "realm" into top shot of Trafalgar Square, procession approaches. Ditto. Procession by Mansion House, Crowd outside Royal Exchange. End of Proclamation being read by Sir Arthur Cochrane, "God Save the Queen". Lord Mayor calls for three cheers. Three cheers. Library Material - Princess Elizabeth as baby in pram. GV Royal Family in open carriage to Crathie Church. Alight from carriage at Braemar Games. King, Queen and two Princesses wearing kilts. SCU of them. Princesses arrive tattoo. Queen Mary, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret leave tournament. Princess Elizabeth with Lord Mountbatten at Naval review. At Coronation of King George VI. Princesses and Queen Mary in coronets and regal robes. Trumpeters precede proclamation. Posed shot of King, Queen and two Princesses in coronation robes. At Royal residence, Royal Family walk through grounds smothered in daffodils. King, Queen and Princess Elizabeth stand by table in grounds, Princess Elizabeth brushes King's hair off his forehead. Princess Elizabeth as a Ranger, saying company ready for inspection. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret riding at Windsor, dismount and feeding their ponies. Princess (18) Elizabeth at desk writing and answers phone says "yes" after a while replaces phone. SCU and CU of Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh - very good. Westminster Abbey, wedding procession down aisle. Posed shot - Family and wedding group. CU Princess Elizabeth and Duke in wedding gowns. At Windlesham Moor, Princess Elizabeth and Duke wheeling pram through grounds. SCU Prince Charles sitting up in pram. Duke takes Prince Charles out of pram, sits on rug on the round, Princess joins them, SCU of the three, also CU of Duke and Charles. Princess Elizabeth inspects at Trooping the Colour. CU Princess Elizabeth on horseback, outside Palace. Princess and Duke alight from train at Euston after Canadian tour. Greeted by Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Margaret, kissing etc. CU Princess Elizabeth giving her dedication on her twenty-first birthday. Mix to GV Royal Standard flying. GV Buckingham Palace. CU Coat of Arms.


Last journey from Marlborough House to Westminster Hall.

A Royal Life: Mary of Teck, Queen & Mother (1953) | British Pathé

This Pathé segment from 1953, shows the Queen Mother, Mary of Teck, throughout the years. Starting with stills of her at age 19, it progresses to show her surrounded by the entire Royal Family inclusive of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Shortest Royal Reigns in History

It’s not easy at the top and for these monarchs their time at the peak of power was brutally brief. From a Queen who ruled for 3 months to a King who reigned for just 20 minutes their rises to and sudden falls from power were fascinating. In order of length from longest to shortest, here are 7 rulers with some of the fastest reigns known to history. Don’t blink or you’ll miss them! Berengaria of Castile Emperor Taichang Napoleon II Pope Urban VII Jane of England Louis XIX of France Luís Filipe of Portugal

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