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1954 Audrey Hepburn & Mel Ferrer, Wedding, religious ceremony Burgenstock

Audrey Hepburn interview with Barbara Walters

1954 Audrey Hepburn & Mel Ferrer, Wedding, religious ceremony Burgenstock

On September 24th, 1954, Audrey married Mel Ferrer on the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Mel and Audrey met through actor Gregory Peck, and got along very well. Mel Ferrer was an author/actor/directer, who had most recently played the part of a carnival puppeteer in the musical 'Lilli!'. He and Audrey were married for fourteen years, until 1968.

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer

Natasha (Audrey Hepburn) and Andre's First

Elegance, anxiety and love in Natasha's first waltz at the Moscow ball with her adoring prince Andre. "Don't you just love dancing?" she (Audrey Hepburn) asks him afterward, and steals his heart away in the love story of Tolstoy's classic "War and Peace."

Audrey Hepburn Marries Andrea Dotti (1969)

On January 18, 1969, at age 39, Audrey Hepburn married Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti. The ceremony was held at the town hall in Morges, Switzerland. Audrey Hepburn wore a pink wool dress with matching head scarf designed specifically for her by longtime friend, Hubert de Givenchy. © Copyright ITN

British Actress Audrey Hepburn Family Photos Husband Andrea Dotti Mel Ferrer Daughter Son Children

Audrey Hepburn Family British actress Born: May 4, 1929, Ixelles, Belgium Died: January 20, 1993, Tolochenaz, Switzerland Son : Luca Dotti Ex Husband : Mel Ferrer (Actor) Son : Sean Hepburn Ferrer (film producer) Partner : Robert Wolders (Dutch television actor) Granddaughter : Emma Kathleen Ferrer (model) Ex Husband : Andrea Dotti (Italian psychiatrist) Mother : Ella van Heemstra (Dutch actress) Father : Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston (Banker) Audrey Hepburn Children

Audrey Hepburn interview with Barbara Walters (FULL)

Audrey Hepburn interview

Audrey Hepburn Speaking 5 languages

The British actress Audrey Hepburn speaking in english, french, spanish, italian and dutch. La actriz británica Audrey Hepburn hablando en inglés, francés, español, italiano y holandés. A atriz britânica Audrey Hepburn falando em inglês, francês, espanhol, italiano e holandês.

AUDREY HEPBURN | The Magic of Audrey | Documentary

The essence of chic and a beautiful woman, Audrey Hepburn bought a certain ‘magic’ quality to the screen. Synonymous with big sunglasses and the little black dress, many are unaware of the hardships she endured in Nazi-occupied Holland while growing up. Starring in classic movies such as ‘Sabrina’, ‘My Fair Lady’, and of course, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, Audrey Hepburn brought effortless style and grace to the silver screen.

Audrey Hepburn Wins Best Actress: 1954 Oscars

Audrey Hepburn winning the Best Actress Oscar® for her performance in "Roman Holiday" at the 26th Annual Academy Awards® in 1954. Presented by Donald O'Connor and Gary Cooper.

Audrey Hepburn (Cary Grant Tribute) - 1981 Kennedy Center Honors

Audrey Hepburn gives an eloquent and heartfelt tribute to her friend and 1981 Honoree Cary Grant, who were co-stars in the 1963 film "Charade." The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture.

Gregory Peck & Audrey Hepburn in 1988 Oscar Award Ceremony

In "Roman Holiday", the scene in the car where Audrey is about to leave Gregory for the last time before heading back to her life as a princess, Audrey says she was supposed to cry on cue to show how sad she was. But she just couldn't cry on cue. They did that scene for about 20 takes before Audrey finally shed tears (after being bawled out by director William Wyler off camera). Thru it all, Audrey says Greg's patience never wavered, only showing understanding while she struggled with the scene. The ordeal would've pissed off and worn out any other actor, but not Peck. Hepburn says she will forever be grateful to Gregory for that. Their mutual admiration and respect only grew thru all their years of friendship.

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