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Constantine: The King Who Lost His Throne (Royal Documentary) | Tim eline

LOVE STORY!!!! King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece

Constantine: The King Who Lost His Throne (Royal Documentary) | Timeline

King Constantine of Greece had been a King in name only since being ousted in a military coup in 1967. From his base in London, he travelled the world, rubbing shoulders with the political elite such as Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and the Queen of England. He tirelessly worked for “his people” and the good causes he has established. In 2003, King Constantine finally returned to his country - a timely homecoming for a man who won a gold medal at the Rome Olympics - and was instrumental in winning the 2004 Olympic Games for Athens. This intimate and personal film is based on unprecedented access to the King and his family. King Constantine talks as never before about the events that led to his exile and his fight for justice and recognition. It includes exclusive footage inside the family home in Hampstead, behind the scenes at the Royal events and “off-duty” moments. This is the King’s story. The story of a man who lost his crown but refused to give up Content licensed from TVF International. Any queries, please contact us at:

Royal Wedding - Athens - 1962


Greek Royals State Visit (1963)

GV. Zoom in, the Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret walking onto platform at Victoria Station, London. SV. Pan, Foreign Secretary Lord Home, Britain's Prime Minster Mr Harold Macmillan and Earl Alexander. SV. Queen and Princess Margaret chatting to other members of royal family. GV. Train drawing in. SCU. Princess Marina, Princess Margaret, Princess Alexandra and Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret's husband. SV. King Paul of Greece stepping off train, kisses the Queen. Queen Frederika of Greece kisses the Queen, and then King Paul kisses Princess Margaret. SV. Members of the royal family. SV. King Paul shakes hands with Earl Alexander, with Mr Macmillan, with Lord Home, and is followed by Queen Frederika who is also shaking their hands. SV. King Paul and the Queen as they walk towards the exit, pan back to show Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh walking with Queen Frederika. GV. The State Coach drawing up outside station. SV. Queen getting into coach followed by King Paul. SCU. People watching. GV. Pan, royal coach leaving. GV. Crowd. GV. The royal coach coming towards and past camera at Trafalgar Square. SV. Crowd. GV. From Buckingham Palace roof, showing the procession coming along the Mall. GV. Pan as the royal coach goes around the Victoria Memorial. GV. From roof as the royal coach goes around the Victoria Memorial. SV. Pan with Queen Frederika's coach. SV. Small boy waving flag. SV. Pan, Queen's coach going round the memorial. GV. From roof, as the coach goes through the gates of the Palace.

Drama On Greek Visit (1963)                                       

GV. Exterior of the Aldwych Theatre. GV. & SV. People going into the Theatre. GV. Inside the foyer. SCU. Earl Mountbatten talking to the Earl of Avon (Anthony Eden). SCU. Yeomen of the Guard. SV. Princess Marina, Princess Alexandra and her husband Mr Angus Ogilvy arriving and being greeted. SV. Princess Alexandra and Mr Ogilvy. SV. The Queen Mother talking to the Duke of Gloucester. GV. & SV.

SV. Exterior, crowds of anti-Greek demonstrators. LV. The Queen Elizabeth II and King Paul of Greece arriving. SCU. Demonstrators holding banner. LV. Queen Frederika and Prince Philip arriving. SV. Interior, Queen being greeted by Foreign Secretary Lord Home, who also greets King Paul and they both shake hands with Lady Home. CU. Yeomen of the Guard. SV. Queen Frederika and Prince Philip being greeted by Lord and Lady Home. SCU. King Paul and the Queen Mother. CU. Queen. SCU. Queen Frederika as she greets and kisses the Queen Mother. GV. The Greek Embassy. SV. Mrs Betty Ambatielos, English born wife of Greek political prisoner, being interviewed by reporters. Her husband has been imprisoned for 16 years. CU. Mrs Ambatielos. GV. The Greek Embassy. SV. & SCU. Mrs Ambatielos holding up document which contains assurance of Greek Prime Minister that he will urge the King to release Mr Ambatielos. GV. Crowds of demonstrators in Trafalgar Square. SV. Police struggling with demonstrators. SCU. Banner falls to the ground, policeman bends down, picks it up and screws it into a ball. SV. Police struggling with demonstrators - two shots. SV. Demonstrator being carried away by police. GV. The crowds around Trafalgar Square moving towards Admiralty Arch - two shots. GV. Admiralty Arch with demonstrators moving towards it.

GV. Line of police stretching across the Arch. GV. Demonstrators marching down Whitehall. SV. Man laying in road with his head on policeman's foot. GV. Large amount of police struggling with the crowd - two shots. SV. Policeman pushing demonstrator back into the rest of the crowd. GV. The struggling continues with police horses moving amongst the crowd - two shots. SV. Policemen handling demonstrator. GV. The mounted police moving amongst the crowd dispersing them. SV. Mounted policeman moving along crowds. SV. Two dishevelled girls. GV. Buckingham Palace with police in foreground. GV. Mass of demonstrators coming towards camera across the park. GV. Pan, a lot of policemen running to meet the demonstrators. SV. Policemen attending a colleague who has been hurt. GV. The Palace.

Athens - Royal Wedding - 1964

LOVE STORY!!!! King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece

In honor of King Constantine II of Greece 77th Birthday take a look at The Love Story between King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece (born Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark). Princess Alexia, Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, Prince Nikolaos Princess Theodora and Prince Philippos.

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