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Europa : DIALOG mit Lotte Tobisch-Labotýn

Von 1981 von 1996 hat sie den Wiener Opernball geleitet

Europe: DIALOGUE with Lotte Tobisch-Labotýn

Benedikt Weingartner in conversation with the actress and president of "Artists Help Artists" Lotte Tobisch-Labotýn.
Recording from November 10, 2015, House of the European Union.

Matt speaks to Tobisch

This time Gerald Matt has theater actress Lotte Tobisch as a guest in his "Interview in the Skyscraper". Matt talks to Tobisch about her life, her acting and of course the Opera Ball.

Lotte Tobisch at Markus Lanz (ZDF, 8.2.2018)

With her inimitable and humorous way, Mrs. Lotte Tobisch not only wins the hearts of the audience, but also finds a new fan in Markus Lanz. He spontaneously invites her to come back in four weeks. We can look forward to this sequel!

For me, Ms. Tobisch is the epitome of a wise person: youthful openness to new perspectives, paired with empathy
and reflection. And she has kept the (rebellious) child in her to this day and delighted her with disarming repartee and a sense of humor that also includes herself.

Lotte Tobisch on why older people make the world a little better // 3nach9

She is the epitome of the "Viennese salon lady" and was the organizer of the Vienna Opera Ball for 16 years: Lotte Tobisch. The trained actress made her debut at the Burgtheater in 1945 and exchanged letters with the philosopher and sociologist Theodor W. Adorno for several years. Lotte Tobisch at 3nach9 explains why older people might make the world a little better, but young people can change it, and what thoughts they have in their current book "To the Point".

Opera ball grande dame Lotte Tobisch died at the age of 93

Lotte Tobisch is dead. From 1981 to 1996 she directed the Vienna Opera Ball. Now she died in the Baden artists' home. 11:59 a.m., October 19, 2019

In memoriamLotte Tobisch

Lotte Tobisch - Views of a grande dame

UE interview: Lotte Tobisch

Lotte Tobisch & Eva Glawischnig in a 2 + 1 summer talk

lotte tobhisc

Frédéric Chopin - Piano Concerto No. 2. II Larghetto | Arthur Rubinstein (2/3) [HD]

Lotte Tobisch
* March 28, 1926, Vienna † October 19, 2019, Baden near Vienna

Lotte Tobisch was born as Charlotte Tobisch von Labotýn on March 28, 1926 in Vienna as the daughter of the architect Karl Anton Gustav Alfred Ritter Tobisch von Labotýn. (Her grandfather was raised to hereditary nobility by Emperor Franz Josef in 1912 with the title Knight of Labotýn.)
As a daughter from higher circles, she received a very good education at the Marquartstein Castle boarding school in Upper Bavaria and at the Sacre Coeur in Vienna; She received her acting lessons from 1943 with Raoul Aslan and at the Horak Conservatory.
Towards the end of the Second World War, her family fled to Bavaria, Lotte Tobisch stayed alone in Vienna. She made her early theatrical debut in 1945 at the Vienna Burgtheater (in what was then the "Ronacher" alternative quarter), where she played until 1947. Here she met Erhard Buschbeck in 1945/46, the long-time chief dramaturge and deputy director of the castle, and entered into a relationship with him that was scandalous at the time. Because of this relationship, she terminated her contract at the Burgtheater and in the following years worked as a freelance actress on numerous German-speaking theaters, including the Vienna Volkstheater, the Theater in der Josefstadt and the Comedy Basel.
Lotte Tobisch also worked for radio, television and film: she achieved particular fame in 1955 as Eva Braun in the anti-Hitler film "The Last Act" (with Albin Skoda and Oskar Werner); on television she appeared with Karl Farkas, Käthe Gold and Adrienne Gessner (later in series such as "Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne") and appeared in numerous children's programs.
In 1960 (after the death of Erhard Buschbeck) she returned to the Burgtheater as a member of the ensemble and celebrated success in numerous roles. From 1962 she was a member of the artistic works council of the Burgtheater, from 1974 to 1987 its "deputy chairman".
In the 1960s she and Theodor W. Adorno had a long friendship - their correspondence was published in book form in 2003.
Lotte Tobisch is known to the general public as the "ball mother" of the Vienna Opera Ball, which she took over from Christl Schönfeldt in 1980 and which she held until 1996.
Since then, Prof. Lotte Tobisch-Labotýn has been increasingly active in charity: she was honorary president of the Austrian Alzheimer's Society and patron of the association "Art on Wheels", an organization that takes care of the cultural care of people in retirement or nursing homes. She was particularly committed to the Hilde Wagener artists' home in Baden, of which she was president and where she died on October 19, 2019 after a long and serious illness.

Awards, honors (selection)
Great decoration of honor for services to the Republic of Austria, 1988
Golden Ring of Honor of the Burgtheater, 1986
Gold Medal of Honor of the Federal Capital Vienna, 2007
Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestyle - Special Lifetime Icon Award, 2016
Works (selection)
Numerous stage roles

My beautiful daughter (TV film), 2004
Like snow behind glass (short film ), 2004
When the Father with the Son (TV series, episodes "Happy End", "Puppi"), 1971
Linen from Ireland (TV movie), 1965
The House of Retribution (TV movie), 1964
Letters from a dead Dichters (TV film), 1964
I learned that from papa, 1964
Lumpazivagabundus (TV film), 1962
Brillanten aus Wien (TV film), 1959
The last act, 1955
Don Giovanni, 1955
Age is not for the imaginative, 2016
I was never bored, 2013
Theodor W. Adorno - Lotte Tobisch: The private correspondence (1962–1969), 2003
Lucian O. Meysels, Die Welt der Lotte Tobisch. Ed. Va Bene, Vienna 2002
ORF Vienna
Wiener Zeitung
Künstlerheim Baden
APA / OTS Press release
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Grande dame Lotte Tobish

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