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First Golfer: Donald Trump's relationship with golf has never been more complicated

Top Rank Is Changing How Viewers Watch Boxing

First Golfer: Donald Trump's relationship with golf has never been more complicated

[This article appears in the Aug. 7, 2017, edition of Sports Illustrated.]

With special reporting by Michael Bamberger, Ben Baskin and Pete Madden.

Playing golf with the 45th President of the United States offers a revealing character study of him. Donald Trump's private clubs are where he feels most comfortable, and holding court with members and guests and employees is an important part of the ritual—in the pro shop, at the driving range and especially on the 1st tee, where Trump traditionally announces the teams for a friendly wager and will typically take the best player available for his partner. Some earnest person in the group will typically keep score, though the terms of the match are usually unstated and Trump's interest in the ebb and flow of the match is modest at best. Yet he somehow knows when his putt is meaningful, and he attempts those putts with a certain amount of fanfare.

SI spoke with numerous people who have teed it up with Trump over the years and all report that he doesn't play a round of golf so much as narrate it, his commentary peppered with hyperbole. "Is this not the most beautiful asphalt you've ever seen in your life?" he'll say of an ordinary cart path. At the turn he'll ask, "Have you ever had a better burger?" Years ago Trump was mid-round when he took a long call from Mark Burnett, the producer of The Apprentice. He put down his phone just long enough to play his shots, at one point saying, "Wait one second here while I blast this 250-yard 3-wood." Trump also lavishes attention on his playing partners. "We didn't talk any business because there wasn't time," says Ernie Els, who last February played golf alongside Trump and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. "He was more focused on making sure me and the Japanese prime minister had a good time. He kept on the two of us, making sure we had a proper introduction, making conversation, just being a good host."

Top Rank Is Changing How Viewers Watch Boxing

For years, Todd DuBoef and his stepfather, Bob Arum, ran Top Rank Boxing under the traditional business model they helped create. They put their best fights on Pay-Per-View, scheduled their next-best bouts on HBO or Showtime and then they worried about cable television.

This system made Top Rank and other promoters boatloads of money. But it was also fundamentally flawed, because it limited their audience, restricting the top fights to those who were willing to shell out cash to watch them. They targeted boxing purists, as it were, and there seemed to be less of them each year. In order to grow boxing in the United States, DuBoef sought to broaden a model that is unlike any other business plan in sports—and not in a good way. He couldn’t rely just on HBO, in this time of dwindling budgets, burgeoning entertainment options and shrinking millennial attention spans. He saw the sport grow in international markets (Mexico, the Philippines and Germany, among others) that showed the best events on regular TV. He asked himself: what is it that we’re missing?

A partner, it turns out. The problem, as he saw it, was how boxing had limited itself in the U.S. His own company, he admits, was complicit, a major factor in restricting. That needed to change. He needed a larger platform, continuous build-up and bigger audiences. A 360-perspective, he calls it. “We were just hoping to feed or move the needle within the universe we were in,” DuBoef says. “We said Pay-Per-View is the top of the pyramid. Right below is HBO and Showtime. You guys play below them. In reality, we were offering preseason football games. Of course it’s not selling!”

Which is where ESPN came in. This summer, the network agreed with Top Rank to showcase three bouts: Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn at welterweight in July, Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Miguel Marriaga at junior lightweight this Saturday and Terence Crawford vs. Julius Indongo at junior welterweight on Aug. 19.

Into the Spotlight: It's Neymar's Time to Complete His Rise to Royalty

This story appears in the Aug. 7, 2017, edition of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Subscribe to the magazine here.

If Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi has anything in common with Crash Davis—if there’s any sort of cultural crossover between the archetypes of global sports glitz and minor league baseball grime—it’ll show itself when the tape recorder starts rolling. That’s when the icons in their posh private jets heed the wisdom Davis imparted on a bumpy bus, whether they’ve seen Bull Durham or not. “You’re gonna have to learn your clichés,” Crash says in the 1988 classic. “They’re your friends.”

The galácticos have little choice but to follow this advice. Combine the fanaticism surrounding global soccer with the minimal access afforded the media covering it, and you have an environment where every crumb becomes content, where innuendo is louder than insight, where the tiniest spark can become a bombshell. In short: The less said the better; be safe, not sorry. So it’s significant, then, that in the middle of what should be the most relaxing summer of his adult life, Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. is willing to let you in, share his concerns and maybe even make a headline. He can’t hide from who he is, nor from the momentous, legacy-defining season to come. The quiet but charismatic 25-year-old Brazilian forward has never won a World Cup. He has never been named FIFA’s player of the year. And if he remains at FC Barcelona (which was up in the air as of Monday; if he’s not in Paris a week from now, it will be a surprise), he will have to wait a bit longer until he’s even considered his own team’s centerpiece. But he’s universally deemed soccer’s best player after Ronaldo and Messi, and he’s beloved in a way that neither of them ever will be. And a big reason for that is his indifference to the Book of Crash.

Manny Pacquiao

Emmanuel Dapidran "Manny" Pacquiao, PLH (/ˈpæki.aʊ/ PAK-ee-ow; Tagalog: [pɐkˈjaʊ]; born December 17, 1978) is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines

Pacquiao was born on December 17, 1978, in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines. He is the son of Rosalio Pacquiao and Dionisia Dapidran-Pacquiao. His parents separated when he was in sixth grade, after his mother discovered that his father was living with another woman. He is the fourth among six siblings: Liza Silvestre-Onding and Domingo Silvestre (from first husband of his mother) and Isidra Pacquiao-Paglinawan, Alberto "Bobby" Pacquiao and Rogelio "Roel" Pacquiao.

Pacquiao married Jinkee Jamora on May 10, 2000. Together, they have five children, Emmanuel Jr. (Jimuel), Michael Stephen, Mary Divine Grace, Queen Elizabeth and Israel. His daughter, Queen, was born in the United States. He resides in his hometown General Santos City, South Cotabato, Philippines.However, as a congressman of lone district of Sarangani, he is officially residing in Kiamba, Sarangani, the hometown of his wife.

Raised in the Roman Catholic faith, Pacquiao is currently a practicing Evangelical Protestant.Pacquiao said he once had a dream where he saw a pair of angels and heard the voice of God; this dream convinced him to become more religious. He is also a military reservist with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army.Prior to being commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, he first entered the Army's reserve force on April 27, 2006 as a Sergeant. Later, he rose to Technical Sergeant on December 1 of the same year. On October 7, 2007, he became a Master Sergeant, the highest rank in the enlisted personnel. On May 4, 2009, he was given the special rank of Senior Master Sergeant and was also designated as the Command Sergeant Major of the 15th Ready Reserve Division

Manny Pacquiao,photos

Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn FULL FIGHT HD


Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior (Portuguese pronunciation: [nejˈmaʁ dɐ ˈsiwvɐ ˈsɐ̃tus ˈʒũɲoʁ]; born 5 February 1992), commonly known as Neymar or Neymar Jr., is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team.

Neymar has a son, Davi Lucca, with former girlfriend Carolina Dantas. Neymar was quoted as saying "I cried when I learned that I would be his father. At first, I felt fear. Then joy. It is a new responsibility and I am now enjoying it." He later described the birth of his baby boy as "2.8 kilograms of pure happiness" and also said "Mother and baby are in good condition just after childbirth". He has a very close sibling relationship with his sister Rafaella Beckran, and cemented this platonic closeness by tattooing her face on his arm, while Beckran tattooed her brothers eyes on her arm.

Neymar is a Christian. Neymar has spoken about his faith saying, "Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ!"Neymar reportedly also tithes (10%) his income to his church and has named Kaká as his religious role model.Each year, Neymar organizes a charity match with fellow Brazilian footballer Nenê in Nenê's hometown of Jundiaí, with the purpose of raising food for needy families.

Neymar has signed many sponsorship deals since his reputation rapidly grew from the age of 17. In March 2011, he signed an 11-year contract with American sportswear company Nike. In the same month, Panasonic paid US$2.4 million to secure Neymar's services for two years. Prior to signing for Barcelona, France Football had ranked Neymar 13th in its list of the world's richest players in 2012, with total earnings of $18.8 million for the previous 12 months. He has signed other sponsorships from Volkswagen, Tenys Pé Baruel, Lupo, Ambev, Claro, Unilever and Santander. All of his sponsorships have earned him a total of an estimated €20 million per year.

On 8 May 2013, Neymar was rated by SportsPro magazine as the most marketable athlete in the world, ahead of Lionel Messi (2nd) and Cristiano Ronaldo (8th). In November 2012 advertising agency Loducca, created Neymar's own personal brand logo, featuring the N, J and R (Neymar Junior) with the N styled to match Neymar’s shirt number 11. Neymar starred in a 2014 advert for Beats with other global football stars including Thierry Henry and Luis Suárez, with the theme of 'The Game Before The Game' and the players pre-game ritual of listening to music

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