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Since the last greetings we have prepared many events, and I hope to see you at one of them


No. 4 / May 2018

Dear colleagues,

Since the last greetings we have prepared many events, and I hope to see you at one of them.

Our colleagues Norbert Bachl and Kurt Widhalm are preparing a meeting on “Next Healthy

Europe”. The specific focus is the malnutrition of children, the next generation is gaining too much weight due to wrong nutrition and physical inactivity. They are not aware that this may lead to diabetes or cancer besides all orthopaedic problems. We approached the European Institute for Innovation and Technology, and I will keep you updated.

Werner Weidenfeld organized a meeting on the urgent problem of financing in medicine. It

reminds me on our report to the EU on “Health in the Regions”, in which a specific emphasis was drawn to financing. We are speaking of trans-border medicine. A basic requirement is a

clear financing system.

Our schedule foresees meetings as the Tolerance Prize in Cologne on November 16. On

September 25, we plan to release the Manifest on Europe in the Giardini of Venice. Academies were founded in Athens in a garden by Plato, in modern times in the Garden of the Medici by

Ficino and now in the 21 st century we release publicly the manifest in a garden too. In the

enclosure you will find the manifest, edited by Felix Unger, Eva Feldmann, Klaus Mainzer,

Wolfgang Schmale, and Werner Weidenfeld. You are called upon giving your comments and support it. If you would like to participate in this event, please let us know.

You can book accommodation via the travel agency; contact:

Susanne Kroll

Head of Meeting & Incentives Austria | BCD Travel

TUI Reisecenter Austria Business Travel GmbH

Ferdinand Hanusch Platz 1 | 5020 Salzburg | Austria

T: +43 50884 72480 | F: +43 50884 72878 | |

Please note that costs need to be covered by participants themselves.

The Danube Academies Conference will be on October 11/12 in Stuttgart. The government of Baden Württemberg is supporting us. The topic is: Bridges between the Danube Area and the Silk Road. The Chinese Academy will cover a session on their OBOR project.

Last week the Chinese Academy was with us and we are realizing a cooperation. In fall, there should be a joint workshop in Peking on Artificial Intelligence, as part of the project “Future development 2050”. Our Academy is requested to nominate four speakers, they will nominate four speakers too. Joint events should take place under the brand “Global Innovation Forum”.

Delegation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

In April I was invited to the Czech Academy of Sciences, speaking on different possibilities of a cooperation. I met the President Eva Zažímalová, the former President Jiří Drahoš, and Marek

Hrubec. The Czech Academy is willing to organize the 10 th Danube Academies Conference in Prague in October 2019. The date will be fixed soon. I personally intend to organize a major meeting in fall 2019 entitled: “Burning problems demand interdisciplinary answers”. We have many problems that require an interdisciplinary approach.

The problems are related to different areas, such as environment, education, digitalization, and artificial intelligence as well as the structure of our society. The seas are polluted with plastics.

Furthermore, plastic particles are coming via rain to our alps and are spoiling our water. Energy and transportation are important issues too. The list of burning problems seems to be very long, we have to select some topics. All those items are the result of a technical progress, while we have to consider the human dimension.

Peter Wilderer is organising a meeting on “Violent Earth – Violated Earth”, which fits extremely well in our endeavours. In this context the nature of our Earth is shown as well as our anthropogenic factor violating the earth. The date will be fixed soon.

A focus on our values is essential to our life. The human being must be the centre of all our

endeavours. Everything is included in everything. This is the nucleus of an interdisciplinary

approach. So you are invited to contribute to the activities of the Academy and out of your

recommendations we have the ground for formulating the key problems.

On November 28t we will have the joint meeting with the National Academy of Medicine and the STOA of the European Parliament. The class Medicine will receive a call for papers within the next weeks.

Finally, I would like to welcome the Nobel Prize Winners Sir Prof. Fraser Stoddart, Sir Dr. Tim

Hunt and Prof. Eric Kandel as new Honorary Members.

With best personal regards,

Felix Unger


Upcoming events

 6 May: 12th annual RIN Baška GNSS Conference,

Baška, Croatia

 7 June: Kongress “Kairos – den Wandel gestalten”

Bad Kissingen, Germany

 2 September: 11th European and Global Summit for Clinical Nanomedicine, Targeted

Delivery and Precision Medicine

Basel, Switzerland

 22 September: Chiemgauer Kardiologie Tage

Traunstein, Germany

 25 September: Next Europe – Presentation of the Manifest for Europe

Venice, Italy

 11/12 October: Danube Academies Conference

Stuttgart, Germany

 12 October: The 10th International Symposium on Neurocardiology

Belgrade, Serbia

 16 November 2018: Rings of Tolerance

Cologne, Germany

 28 November 2018: Innovation in clinical trials - new solutions from research into cancer care

Brussels, Belgium

 12 December 2018: Salzburg Hands-on Workshop on Microsurgical on Microsurgical and

Endovascular Techniques

Salzburg Austria

 2/3 March 2019: Festive Plenary Session

Salzburg, Austria

Received publications

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We congratulate

 Zoltán Végh (Austria): Austrian Decoration of Honor for Science and Art

We have to regret the death of

 Aladár Gajáry (Switzerland, class VII)  REQUIESCAT IN PACE

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