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Half of Russians to Attend Victory Day Parades – State Poll

Moscow Marches Toward Victory Day Parade

Half of Russians to Attend Victory Day Parades – State Poll

Almost half of Russians plan to attend Victory Day military parades and commemorative processions this May 9, a state poll published on Tuesday shows.

Every year on May 9, Russia celebrates Victory Day to commemorate the Soviet victory in World War II. In Moscow, the day is marked with a massive parade through the city center, showcasing the Russian military's tanks, planes, artillery and soldiers.

Forty-eight percent of Russian respondents said they plan to attend the May 9 parades, processions or other celebrations this year, according to a survey published by the state-funded VTsIOM polling agency.

Twenty percent said they plan to visit veterans and another 20 percent said they plan watch television this Thursday.

Support for the so-called “Immortal Regiment” — an annual procession in memory of the generation that fought against Nazi Germany — stood at 95 percent.

First organized in 2012 as a grassroots movement to commemorate family members who had lived and died during World War II, the “Immortal Regiment” has since been criticized for being hijacked by politicians to instill “state-engineered patriotism.”

Moscow Marches Toward Victory Day Parade

Each year on May 9, Russia and a handful of former Soviet countries celebrate Victory Day, which marks the day after Nazi Germany surrendered and Soviet forces took control of Berlin. The end of the Great Patriotic War, as World War II is known in Russia, is still celebrated as the country's most important public holiday.

Ahead of next week’s massive military parade, Muscovites are treated to several warm-ups and rehearsals on Red Square.

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