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Hamilton Opening Night - Cast Perspective

Hamilton Backstage: Meet The Rising Stars of Broadway

Hamilton Opening Night - Cast Perspective

Produced by Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr., a small video crew followed around members of the #HamiltonBway cast on Opening Night of the show.

Get a never before seen glimpse into the big day, then come see us yourself.

Hamilton Backstage: Meet The Rising Stars of Broadway | Forbes

Hamilton Musical Clips

Top 10 Best Hamilton Songs

These are the best Hamilton musical songs that set Broadway on fire! Today we're counting down our picks for the best songs to be featured in the hit Broadway "Hamilton." We're talking about, Alexander Hamilton, The Schuyler Sisters, Yorktown, Wait For It, and more!

Hamilton cast performs 'Alexander Hamilton' at White House

President Obama and the First Lady hosted the Broadway cast of the musical “Hamilton” at the White House Monday for a workshop and Q&A session with area students. President Obama delivered remarks on the history behind "Hamilton," and the cast performed “Alexander Hamilton," the opening song of the play, live for the attendees.

The cast of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" performed the song "My Shot" at the White House Monday for an audience that included President and Mrs. Obama, Vice President Biden and local students.

Lin-Manuel Miranda performs "Alexander Hamilton" at The White House

Top 5 Surprising Facts About Lin-Manuel Miranda: Creator of Hamilton

Top 5 Must Know Hamilton The Musical Facts

"Hamilton": A founding father takes to the stage

When Lin-Manuel Miranda sings about the drive of the "young, scrappy and hungry" immigrant, he's not singing about just any immigrant. He's singing about the man on the ten dollar bill, Alexander Hamilton. As Mo Rocca reports, Hamilton's musical journey to the stage is as revolutionary as the young revolutionary who helped create the America we know..

Hip-hop and history blend for Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’

He’s on the $10 bill and he died in a duel, but what else do you know about Alexander Hamilton? Now his life is the subject of a cutting-edge hip-hop Broadway musical, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Jeffrey Brown talks to the celebrated writer and performer about updating the history of one of the Founding Fathers to reflect and engage today’s America.

Hamilton: A Musical For Anyone

After years of just being that guy on the ten-dollar bill, Alexander Hamiton has sprung into the public's consciousness because of the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda. Hamilton has struck a chord with so many people, and this video attempts to look at how it is a musical for anyone. Aight, few things. First, this video was originally made for a collaborative channel that me and my friend Jesse were working on. After realizing that we don't have enough time to even properly run our own channels, we decided to scrap it, but we still had a few videos made. This is one of those videos. I did the writing and voiceover, and Jesse did the editing. So, you should check him out because he is a smart human and a fantastic editor. If you like what I am doing over here, you will almost certainly like what he does on his channel more. Also, the subject matter of this video is obviously very different than what I have done in the past. You probably like me for my views on video games and (hopefully) Avatar, so there is a decent chance that you don't give a fuck about a musical, and to that, I would say, that's fair. I still plan to mostly focus on the stuff I have in the past, but I had this video finished and wanted to do something with it. I struggled a lot with what I should do with this video but I decided to put it on here for a few reasons. I am curious as to what the people who are subscribed to me are interested in seeing. Mainly, are you are because you like what I have to say about video games or are you here because you are interested in my perspective on various things. Depending on the reception to this, it can help me know what to focus on in the future. Also, Jesse and I put a lot of work into this video, and having that go to waste seems dumb. If you hate me branching out like this, sorry, I guess? I still intend to make the stuff you like, I just have interests in places other than video games and I am curious if you all share them as well. So, uh, let's see how this goes.

Hamilton and Motifs: Creating Emotional Paradoxes

BroadwayCon: Hamilton The Musical - Full Panel

BroadwayCon Panel: History is Happening In Manhattan: The Hamilton Panel January 22, 2016. It’s breaking records. It’s changing perceptions. It’s topping rap charts. It’s causing traffic jams. Hamilton is doing all the things, and Playbill is talking with writer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr., Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Daveed Diggs, Christopher Jackson, and Jonathan Groff about the history that is happening on 46th Street.

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