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Harry and Meghan crisis: tax breaks helped to pile up fortune fit for a prince

Harry and Meghan: Queen’s top aide Edward Young is in firing line as splits rock palace

The Sunday Times

Harry and Meghan crisis: tax breaks helped to pile up fortune fit for a prince

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex insist on their website that they “do not receive any tax privileges” — but the truth is slightly more complicated.

While the couple attracted some criticism last week after saying that they wanted to “work to become financially independent”, their current fortune is the result of huge tax advantages given to Prince Harry’s relatives.

His main source of income is via his father from the Duchy of Cornwall, which benefits from significant tax breaks.

Mike Warburton, a former partner at the accountancy firm Grant Thornton, said: “[The duchy] is a crown body and does not pay inheritance tax or corporation tax. In addition, Prince Charles is not liable to capital gains tax because gains are retained by the duchy.

Harry and Meghan: Queen’s top aide Edward Young is in firing line as splits rock palace

Senior members of the royal family are calling for the resignation of the Queen’s top aide for failing to prevent the civil war that has led to Harry and Meghan fleeing to Canada.

Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary, was installed when Lord Geidt was ousted two years ago by Prince Charles and Prince Andrew but he is now emerging as a scapegoat for the warring Windsors.

Prince William on Harry and Meghan crisis: ‘I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives. I can’t do it any more’

The Duke of Cambridge has spoken of his “sadness” at the broken bond with his brother and voiced sorrow that the royal family is no longer a “team”.

As the Queen called emergency peace talks tomorrow at Sandringham to end the Windsors’ civil war, The Sunday Times can reveal that Prince William has said he feels sorrow that he and Prince Harry are now “separate entities” and expressed hope that they might pull together again in future.

“I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that any more; we’re separate entities,” he told a friend.

“I’m sad about that. All we can do, and all I can do, is try and support them and hope that the time comes…

Meghan’s snubbed the Queen and country, and now she’s off with her prince. Charming!

Even if you don’t like the royal family, there is something truly horrifying about watching them being turned over by someone they met only four seconds ago. I watched agog last Wednesday, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched their stunning smackdown, telling the Queen they’d be rejecting her kindness and understanding in favour of “stepping back” as senior royals.

They told their readers they had come to this decision “with your encouragement, over the last few years”. Whereupon I thought, “over the last few years”? But Meghan’s only been here three seconds. She met him only one minute ago — the gushing, joyful wedding was yesterday!

Why? What happened? We clearly still have really no idea who this woman is, however many thousands…

Seven years ago he had it all. Now Harry hates life as No 2 prince

It was never easy for Prince Harry to be happy, but seven years ago, as a warrior pilot above the battlefields of Afghanistan, he seemed to have found a measure of peace. Harry was a Royal Highness, but his men called him Captain Wales and in 2013 he proudly told a fellow soldier: “I’ve got the best of both worlds.”

Towards the end of his second Afghan tour, as an Apache co-pilot gunner, Harry told the soldier he finally felt free of the restrictions that harnessed his older brother, William, second in line to the throne. “I get to do all this,” Harry said. “I can fly helicopters. I can shine a spotlight on the work I want to do.” He could be both aHarry and Meghan’s escape from the poisonous palace

The couple’s desire to quit the royal family began with ‘damaging things’ said and done at the time of their wedding, writes the broadcaster Tom Bradby. If the rift is not healed, worse may follow

Guard Harry and Meghan with Tasers rather than pistols to save cash

Harry and Meghan could lose their armed protection and be guarded by officers carrying Tasers.

Metropolitan police chiefs have concluded that not all VIPs who are now guarded by the elite royalty and specialist protection command require protection from firearms officers, who are more expensive.

Harry and Meghan could lose their police guards, who are routinely armed with Glock pistols, who would be replaced by officers brandishing Tasers, non-fatal stun guns that can be fired only once and deliver a high-voltage electric shock.

The decision has triggered uproar in the policing community, with senior figures lining up to warn that the increased risk to the VIPs — and the protection officers themselves — was not worth any cost savings.

It is thought to cost about…

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