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Datum objave: 16.09.2020

Inspire the next generation

In these turbulent times, and more than ever before, our nation needs the kin d of bold, courageous leadership that John F. Kennedy exemplified.

Inspire the next generation

Dear Friend,

In these turbulent times, and more than ever before, our nation needs the kind of bold, courageous leadership that John F. Kennedy exemplified.

That’s why I’m asking the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation's most dedicated supporters to help us light the way through the darkness — by sharing President Kennedy's timeless ideals with tomorrow's leaders through our innovative online programming. 
Can I count on you to fuel this critical work by joining with a special tax-deductible membership gift today?
For more than 40 years, the JFK Library has focused a spotlight on President Kennedy's life and legacy, providing young people with a shining example of how to build a better world. 
Today, as our society confronts the COVID-19 pandemic and other unprecedented challenges, we urgently need the next generation of leaders to embrace President Kennedy's powerful principles of service, civic engagement, inclusion, and visionary leadership. 
And with your support, the JFK Library is making President Kennedy’s enduring values and historic accomplishments virtually accessible to millions of people, young and old, by:
Bringing parents and educators expanded digital distance learning resources that highlight our 35th president's commitment to democracy, justice, and public service; 
Reaching people around the world with our JFK35 and 60/20 podcasts, New Frontier Network initiatives that bring together and inspire the 80% of Americans with no living memory of President Kennedy, and Kennedy Library Forums; and Providing students with special learning opportunities through new educational programming, like our virtual field trips focused on civil rights, campaigns and elections, election year debates, and Cold War history. 

Together, we can share inspiration and hope with tomorrow’s leaders and shape a better future for all. So please support the JFK Library Foundation's critical work by joining with a tax-deductible membership gift today.

Thank you for helping President Kennedy’s proud legacy shine as a beacon of democracy, good government, and civic participation — especially in this election year. 
With gratitude,

Rachel Flor
Executive Director

P.S. As our country grapples with COVID-19 and other daunting challenges, we need to galvanize the next generation of leaders with President Kennedy’s powerful belief that engaged citizens can overcome even the biggest challenges. Please help the JFK Library Foundation inspire more young people to make a meaningful difference by joining today.
The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Tax ID # 04-6113130. Thank you for your support.

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