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Japan's game of thrones

The Japanese Succession Crisis

Quiz: Japan's game of thrones

How much do you know about the Imperial House of Japan?

Did you know that the world's oldest monarchy is not the British one? If not, then this quiz will certainly open your eyes to some interesting facts! Japan's 85-year-old Emperor Akihito will relinquish the imperial throne to his eldest son Crown Prince Naruhito (59) on Tuesday. The abdication marks the end of his three-decade reign, also known as the Heisei era. The new emperor will receive a sword, a jewel and official seals in a sacred ceremony called Taiirei-Seiden-nogi, or main Ceremony of the Abdication of His Majesty the Emperor, which will be held in the Matsu-no-Ma state room in the Imperial Palace. But the event is set to create history in more ways than one. How? Play this quiz and unlock the answers to all your questions!

Emperor Akihito is the first Japanese emperor to step down in more than 200 years. A 1889 law requires monarchs to reign until their death to avoid power struggles. However, an exception is being made for the 85-year-old emperor, who has had heart surgery and treatment for prostate cancer. The Japanese parliament approved a special legislation in 2017 to allow him to abdicate, which makes a one-time provision for Emperor Akihito to retire and be succeeded by his elder son, Crown Prince Naruhito. The last emperor to abdicate was Emperor Kokaku in 1817, who also passed on the throne to his son

The Japanese Succession Crisis

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