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Macron marks 80 years since de Gaulle's call to resistance at London ceremony

Prince Charles and Camilla welcome President Macron to Clarence House

Prince Charles and Camilla welcome President Macron to Clarence House

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall welcomed the President of France at Clarence House on Thursday with a Guard of Honour found by Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards, accompanied by the Band of the Coldstream Guards. President Emmanuel Macron was visiting London to mark the 80th anniversary of General De Gaulle’s “Appel” to the French population to resist the German occupation of France during the Second World War on 18th June 1940. Report by Matt Blair.

Macron marks 80 years since de Gaulle's call to resistance at London ceremony

French President Emmanuel Macron visited London on Thursday for a ceremony to mark the anniversary of General Charles de Gaulle's call for wartime resistance against Nazi Germany.

Prince Charles and French President Emmanuel Macron lay wreaths at Carlton Gardens

The Prince of Wales and the President of France laid wreaths at the statues of King George VI, the Queen Mother, and Charles de Gaulle in a ceremony at Carlton Gardens in central London. Thursday marked the 80th anniversary of General De Gaulle’s “Appel” to resist the German occupation of France. Report by Zaina Alibhai.

De Gaulle's 18 June 1940 Call: ‘Without Churchill's help he would have been no where’

Julian Jackson, professor of modern French history and head of the School of History at Queen Mary University of London, talks to France 24 about Charles De Gaulle's June 18 1940 radio speech, that is largely seen as the start of the French resistance in WWII.

De Gaulle State Visit (1960)

M/S Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) and Princess Margaret waiting on platform at Victoria train station. M/S elevated shot of the train bringing President Charles de Gaulle as it steams into the station. He steps from the train and is greeted by the Queen, he then shakes hands with the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret, Princess Alice, (Duchess of Gloucester). Elevated shot of de Gaulle shaking hands with Prince Henry, (Duke of Gloucester). Various shots as he talks to the Duke then shakes hands with Princess Alexandra. M/S as de Gaulle walks across the platform with the Queen to meet Prime Minister and others Ministers. L/S elevated as de Gaulle talks to the Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, then shakes hands with Home Secretary Rab Butler. M/S Princess Margaret smiling. M/S as de Gaulle speaks to the Queen. M/S as Macmillan and other Ministers leave station. M/S as the Queen and de Gaulle get into open carriage outside station. M/S as Guard of Honour present Arms. M/S as de Gaulle and the Queen set off. C/U of girl in crowd taking picture. Various shots as they ride through the streets and crowds wave. C/U man with cine camera. M/S as carriage comes through Whitehall and round Trafalgar Square towards the Mall. M/S as it continues around the Wedding Cake. C/U little girl in crowd waving. M/S's as they drive into the palace grounds. M/S royal standard flying. M/S Mr and Mrs de Gaulle chatting to the Queen and Prince Philip on the steps. L/S Buckingham palace at night. L/S as the Queen comes out onto the balcony with de Gaulle. He waves to the crowds. M/S as they are joined by other members of the royal family including Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. M/S Cross of Lorraine lit in fire. L/S crowds watching firework display. C/U sailors watching. Various shots of the dazzling display. C/U nuns watching and smiling. L/S of the party on the balcony. FILM ID:1672.21 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES,

De Gaulle Triumphant (1960)

L/S elevated shot of open top carriage carrying French President Charles de Gaulle to Horseguards Parade. M/S of him with Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) in carriage, L/S people applauding. L/S of them arriving with troops in foreground. M/S of the two men in the carriage. M/S as he salutes and shakes hands with Prince Henry, (Duke of Gloucester) who is Senior Colonel Brigade of Guards. M/S of de Gaulle on platform, L/S of Guards he will be reviewing. M/S as he stands in the back of a jeep which drives past all the guards including Battalions of Grenadier, Coldstream, Irish Guards, King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery and Household Cavalry Regiment. Various shots as he drives past in the car. M/S French sailors watching. Various shots of Royal Horse Artillery riding past pulling gun carriages. Various shots as de Gaulle salutes from podium as troops pass. Aerial shots as they pass. Various shots as other guards march past. L/S Big Ben. L/S interior of Westminster Hall where both Houses of Parliament are assembled in his honour. M/S Winston and Lady Clementine Churchill. Various shots as President de Gaulle enters hall of William Rufus. The Speaker of the House makes speech welcoming de Gaulle. C/U him sat in the chair, he gets up to speak. M/S as he speaks in French. L/S banquet at Royal Hospital in Chelsea. M/S of Prince Philip talking to Mrs de Gaulle. Various shots as the guests eat. Various shots as Mr and Mrs Churchill shake hands with Mrs and Mrs de Gaulle. M/S de Gaulle and Churchill chatting. Various shots of Princess Alexandra and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, and Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester in the foyer of Royal Opera House for gala ballet. C/U Princess Marina, M/S as the two Duchesses walking through followed by Princess Alexandra. M/S as Prime Minister Harold Macmillan arrives. M/S of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones entering foyer of Royal Opera House, they are greeted by officials. Mr Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret smile at each other. M/S as they talk to an official. C/U Princess Margaret. M/S Queen Elizabeth II arriving with de Gaulle, Prince Philip and Mrs de Gaulle. C/U Queen, C/U Queen Mother. M/S as the Queen and de Gaulle walk through the foyer. Various shots of the royal party. L/S of them in the royal box which is covered with carnations. L/S audience in stalls. M/S royal party settling down for the performance. FILM ID:1676.03

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