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Mark Reizen sings Gremin at age 90

Mark Reizen speaking about the music of Modest Mussorgsky

Mark Reizen sings Gremin at age 90

Reizen Boris Godunov 1980

Reizen about Mussorgsky

Mark Reizen speaking about the music of Modest Mussorgsky. From the documentary "Modest Mussorgsky" (1989). Mark Reizen is 94 here.

Mussorgsky - Boris Godunov Act 2 Clock Scene Mark Reizen , N. Khanaev

In act two in the tsar's apartment (terem) at the Kremlin, Boris is troubled by prince Shuisky's insinuationg story of the death of the young Dmitri. Follows the "Clock" or " Hallucinations" scene. In this masterful performance, Mark Reizen shows how this "dramatic" scene can be done without exaggerated "dramatics", and he does so while singing every single note of the score. Nikandr Hanaev is Shuisky in one of his great roles.

Mark Reizen as Boris Godunov

Mark Reizen- Dosifey's 5th act aria+scene from Khovanshchina

The great Ukrainian-born Jewish bass Mark Reizen (1895-1992) sings the 5th act aria ('Here, on this holy spot') of Dosifey, leader of the Old Believers, in Mussorgsky's "Khovanshchina".

Taken from a late 1950's Mosfilm version of the opera (directed by Vera Stroyeva), this video captures Reizen towards the end of his distinguished stage career. The aria and following scene were severely abridged for the film, but the sonorous voice is in top form, and (as always) Reizen's singing and presence are absolutely authoritative.

Mark Reizen - One day and one life / Марк Рейзен - Один день и одна жизнь (1986)

Марк Рейзен - Один день и одна жизнь

Центрнаучфильм, 1986

Фильм снят к 90-летию Марка Рейзена

Автор сценария и ведущий Андрей Золотов

Режиссер В.Рытченков

Evghenii Oneghin Opening Act III Polonaise Bolshoi Theatre

2000 performance of Tchaikovsky's "Evghenii Oneghin" in the Bolshoi Theatre

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