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Matt Schiermeier

Matt was born on December 21, 1977 in the small Midwestern American town of St. Louis, Missouri.

Matt Schiermeier

Why we love: Matt Schiermeier

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HELLO, My name is Matt Schiermeier.  I would first like to say "Thank you" for taking the time to visit my profile.

With much appreciation to the beauty of ART, I enjoy the collaboration of artistic minds coming together to create beautiful work. Approaching new ideas with an open mind (I believe) allows freedom to imagination. I feel this is an effective and powerful tool we can use to capture something truly beautiful..


Matt Schiermeier

Tuesday: Matt Schiermeier likes it ‘Rufskin’

Who doesn’t like a good Midwestern boy? Though we’re probably more accurate by calling St. Louis native Matt Schiermeier a man. Or sir. Based on his pics, either will work.

Schiermeier, a model for just two years, personifies the term “crazy hot.” He’s motivated by positive comments and we’ve got plenty for him. The dude looks good in the shower, wearing sports gear, slipping into Rufskin Denim in a popular campaign last year, strapping on some leather gear or sporting a swimsuit in that model-popular pose of crotch-thrusting.

He’s also got ink, which contributes to the crazy hot, and is versatile—meaning the back looks as good as the front.

Matt Schiermeier

Matt Schiermeier

Matt Schiermeier

Matt Schiermeier

Matt Schiermeier

Matt Schiermeier on Black's Beach

 Matt and Cameron on Blacks Beach

Matt Schiermeier  

Matt Schiermeier,song

Matt Schiermeier and Cameron Earnheart.. A Watermelon?

 Matt Schiermeier and Cameron Earnheart in San Diego

Matt Schiermeier and Cameron Earnheart live in San Diego, they are both renowned American male models. Matt was born on December 21, 1977 in the small Midwestern American town of St. Louis, Missouri. Cameron, born July 17, 1979 is also a personal trainer with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. They are probably best known for being an openly gay couple in a serodiscordant relationship; Matt is HIV positive and Cameron is negative. They got married in NYC on October 22,2013, after being together for ten years.

Here’s an extract from an interview they gave for Frontiers in April 2011.

How long have you been together?

Cameron: Going on eight years. We met at a club in St Louis, Missouri. I was very in the closet. I would go out to the clubs with a hat pulled down. Nobody knew who I was and I would hide because I didn’t want anybody to know. I would hide in a corner and he was this crazy, hyperactive guy who stole my hat.

Matt: I just walked up to him and took the hat off his head and said, “We can’t see you like this,” and I kind of ran off through the club.

C: I was exposed, and I ran after him.

M: And then I gave him the proper introduction.

Did you start dating right away?

M: We were friends for a while.

So when you started dating, did you know he was positive?

C: Right away. That is one thing that I appreciated about him the most—that he was very upfront about it. He wasn’t trying to hide anything from me, and I had never met anyone who was HIV-positive before. But the fact that he did just come out, and was very honest and was very open and answered any questions I had, made me really feel more of a connection and a respect.

Matt, was it hard for you to talk about your status?

M: If I had any type of interest, before I began any type of interaction I was very upfront. The number one priority was just to let them know what my status was. I just remember always being very scared that they would run away fast. And if I started to develop a crush, it would frighten me that something like that—my status—could just have somebody turn away, which had happened. It hurts. But that didn’t keep me from being honest. I think because of those communications I had before I met Cameron, word gets around, and before you know it I was “Matt, positive guy.” Although it was something I really didn’t want to share with the community, it was something that was shared anyway. That didn’t bother me. That’s me and I can’t change it.

C: When people found out we were hanging, people would come up and be like, “Don’t hang out with him, he’s HIV-positive. Watch yourself.” But at the same time I would watch him and see how happy and active he was. He wasn’t HIV—he was Matt.

One of the first issues that must come up is sex.

M: How long was it before we had sex?

C: Eight months.

M: There was a lot of cuddling and kissing. We just approached it, of course, at his pace. I’m not normally the most patient person, but I was more than willing to be patient with him.

Can you talk about how you look at things in the long term?

M: We definitely have future plans. I said 10 years ago and I’ll say it today—I know in my heart I’ll live to be an old man. I’m going to live through this, and I’m going to be healthy, and I’m going to be with Cam, and we’re going to grow old together. I look at my future how anybody would look at theirs. I just feel confident in my heart I’m going to be here for a while.

C: It’s one of those things—the more I learn about it, the more I see it as a manageable thing. But it’s also something kids now should be aware of, and not go out and be frivolous and not use protection, because if you don’t have your medications or you are not able to get it—I mean, we have acquaintances, it’s hard for them to get the proper medications or exactly what they need. It’s expensive. It is manageable, but you want to make sure you can manage it.

M: I don’t think it’s right or fair to take any one thing for granted. If the drugs were not here tomorrow, we would see everything happen all over again. Some people are not fortunate to have that insurance. That saddens me that people might take that for granted.

Do you still deal with the issue of people telling you about each other’s status?

M: It’s awesome now. We shared our story through our site. A lot of people will come up to us and say, “I just want to say, and I’ve never told anybody this, and I’m going to say it for the first time, I’m positive, and you’ve given me strength.” It gives me chills.

C: There are still people who don’t want to talk about it even though they have it. We’ve had email after email from our website saying, “I don’t really want to tell anyone else, but I feel I can tell you.”

What advice would you give to a couple starting a serodiscordant relationship?

M: My grandma always would say to me, we are all faced with challenges. Honestly, it comes down to patience and communication.

C: If you want a relationship to last, you talk about everything. I thought in the beginning, if we break up, some people are going to think I’m HIV-positive automatically. It’s building strength and not feeling like I had to say anything. Gain strength from learning from each other.

M: I would say for the negative person to make sure if there is ever that question, no matter how silly it sounds, or seems rude, bring it to the table.

What do you say to negative guys who only date negative partners, or positive guys who don’t want the responsibility of a serodiscordant relationship?

C: It’s no less, no greater. It is their individual choice for themselves. But if you say it in a way that’s derogatory and ignorant and with no knowledge, I don’t agree with that.

M: I think there is some ignorance that needs to be broken down, but for somebody who is negative and wants to stay negative, I completely understand. I put myself in that scenario before, and asked myself that 12 years ago, what if I had never contracted this disease? I know I would have loved someone if they are positive, but we are all different. You have to respect that.

Matt Schiermeier and Cameron Earnheart... Lady Gaga

Matt Schiermeier In New York On Christopher Street Pier

Qtalk July 2010 Mixed Status Couples with Matt Schiermeier and Cameron Earnheart

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