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Maya Plisetskaya

Bolero Swan Lake

Maya Plisetskaya - Bolero (choreography by Maurice Béjart)

Maurice Béjart's "Bolero" in the performance of a brilliant Jewish dancer Maya Plisetskaya. (1975) All copyrights of this choreographic work belongs exclusively to the Maurice Bejart Foundation.

Maya Plisetskaya Dances Ballet Documentary 1964

Maya Plisetskaya in Swan Lake (1957)

Maya Plisetskaya. An Incredible Story of Life.

Plisetskaya Odette's entrance Act II "Swan Lake"

Maya Plisetskaya in Swan Lake (1957)

Maya Plisetskaya in Don Quixote ca 1959

Maya Plisteskaya dances on Gounod's Walpurgis Night

Maya Plisetskaya - Khovanshchina - Bolshoi Theatre

Maya Plisetskaya in Dance of the Persian Slaves from Mussorgsky's opera Khovanshchina. Russian documentary 1959. Майя Плисецкая - Хованщина Муcорского 1959.

Plisetskaya: Dance of the Persian Slave (Khovanshchina)

Plisetskaya and Liepa in Legend of Love (1965)

Alexander Godunov, Maya Plisetskaya, Carmen-suite, 1974

Maya Plisetskaya, age 61, dances Dying Swan

In November 1962, the Bolshoi Theatre came to Washington. On the occasion of its performance, the Soviet ambassador hosted a reception which was honored by the attention of Robert Kennedy, the brother of US President, a politician, and leader of the Democratic Party. Diplomat personally introduced him to Maya Plisetskaya. Because of the fact that the famous ballerina knew only a few words in English, he also served as an interpreter in a brief conversation.

“I know you, too. In the magazine “America” ​​Ive read that you were born in November 1925. So do I. And what was the day when you were born?”- Maya Plisetskaya

That is how Maya recalled that meeting many years later. It turned out that she and Robert were born on the same day and year. On the morning of November 20, she was awakened by a knock on the door at a hotel room. The messenger brought the ballerina bouquet of white roses and elegant box, tied with a wide ribbon. A magnificent gold bracelet with two pendants. But the surprises were not over. A little later, Kennedy telephoned personally. Maya Mikhailovna couldn’t understand him and painfully searched in the memory for a few English words she knew … On the way to the rehearsal, she was crushed into another messenger from Robert, who brought her a box of wine.

Every year since then Maya and Robert congratulated each other on the birthdays. During the next meeting, after a couple of years, they hugged and kissed each other like old friends. On the next day, after lunch, Robert took her on a walk in New York and gifted her a present… an alarm clock from the famous “Tiffany” store — an apparent allusion to her being late for a meeting.
A couple of times Kennedy visited her while she was dancing on the stage. She was hinted that he was known as inveterate Don Juan.

“What was that? Flirt? Or not a flirt? Game or not a game? Call or not a call? There was something that attracted us to each other. We were interested in one another.”- Maya Plisetskaya

President and Mrs. Kennedy arrive at the Capitol Theater on November 13, 1962.

During another visit of the Bolshoi Theatre in New York (was 1968) Maya didn’t have the chance to meet Robert. He called her and said that he was going into the election tour of several states. He asked her to leave the evening of June 11 available for their meeting. And on 5 June he was assassinated in Los Angeles. A day later, a friend of Maya Plisetskaya died.

In that day Soviet ballerina was appointed to participate in the concert at the “Metropolitan Opera.” It was written “Sleeping Beauty” on the poster. But before the performance, the representative of the theater informed the audience: “In a sign of mourning of Robert Kennedy, to honor his memory, Maya Plisetskaya will dance “The Dying Swan.” The whole hall stood up in unison.

Maya Plisetskaya - Dying Swan 1959


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