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Meet the modern Kennedy family: The most prominent members of America's most famous political dynasty

Kennedy Family Tree: Meet the New Generation

Meet the modern Kennedy family: The most prominent members of America's most famous political dynasty

Debanjali Bose 

The Kennedy family has been a prominent name in US politics for over a century. 
The younger Kennedys are a mix of people in the family business of politics, as well as authors, actors, socialites, and journalists. 

Meet some of the most prominent Kennedy family members who have been making headlines in recent years

Joe Kennedy III is the most prominent modern Kennedy in politics.
Joe Kennedy III, a grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, has been a United States representative since 2013. His twin brother, Matthew Rauch Kennedy, has stayed more out of the public eye, opting to study business instead, CNN reports.

Joe represents Massachusetts's 4th congressional district and is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Per his official website, Joe supports the Green New Deal and protection for Dreamers and immigrants under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.

He's also spoken out in favor of gun control. After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018, Joe said, "We're not doing enough ... I can't even tell you how many times we have uttered our thoughts and prayers to the victims and survivors of gun violence and thoughts aren't doing it," during an appearance on The View.

Joe first came to national attention in 2018, when he gave the Democratic party's response to Trump's State of the Union address.

Most recently, Joe lost a senate primary against Ed Markey, becoming the first Kennedy to lose an election in Massachusetts history. Joe is not seeking re-election for his house seat in 2020 and endorsed Jake Auchincloss as his successor in a September 16 tweet.

He attended Stanford University for his undergrad and Harvard Law School. He married Lauren Birchfield, a fellow Harvard-educated lawyer, in December 2012. The pair met in a Harvard Law School class taught by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and they now live in Newton, Massachusetts, with their two young children.

With an estimated net worth of $46.55 million, per Open Secrets, Joe is one of the richest members of Congress.

Katherine Schwarzenegger welcomed her first child with actor Chris Pratt earlier this year.
Katherine Schwarzenegger is the oldest daughter of actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and broadcast journalist Maria Shriver. Katherine's middle name, Eunice, is a nod to her maternal grandmother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a younger sister of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Ted Kennedy.

Katherine has written a number of self-help books, including "Rock What You've Got" and "Just Graduated ... Now What?". Her most recent title, "The Gift of Forgiveness," was released in March. She interviewed 22 people for the book, from kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart to Sue Klebold, the mother of one of the perpetrators of the Columbine school shooting. 

"I grew up with this understanding that forgiveness is something you give another person, like: 'I forgive you for doing something wrong to me.' By doing this book and getting a deeper understanding of forgiveness, I realize forgiveness is all about you. It's a gift you give yourself," Katherine told Oprah Magazine.

In addition to writing, the 30-year-old has been involved in animal rights advocacy, including rescue and adoption, for years. She's a dog mom to a rescue named Maverick, who's also the inspiration for Katherine's first children's book.

Katherine's private life has also been a topic of interest in the press. She's married to actor Chris Pratt, and their first child, daughter Lyla Maria, was born in August.

Katherine's younger brother Patrick Schwarzenegger is an increasingly familiar face in the young Hollywood crowd.

Patrick is a model and actor who has appeared in movies, TV shows, and music videos. He's also known for his brief relationship with Miley Cyrus.

His most recent silver screen appearance was in the psychological horror film "Daniel Isn't Real," coproduced by Elijah Wood. The movie premiered at the South By Southwest festival in 2019 and also stars Miles Robbins, Susan Sarandon's son.

Jack Schlossberg made a splash with his appearance at the virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Jack Schlossberg is the youngest son of Caroline Kennedy, who is the former US ambassador to Japan and the only surviving child of former US president John F. Kennedy and former first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. He attended Yale University for undergrad and started studying law and business at Harvard in 2017, Esquire reports.

Jack makes frequent media appearances, sometimes solo and sometimes with his mother, and has written for prestige publications a number of times, with op-eds in the New York Times and Washington Post. In the latter, Jack urged fellow young people to vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton days ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

He made an appearance at the virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention and talked about climate change, health care, and racial justice. He subsequently scored quite a few fans and many, many thirst tweets and has become known for his decidedly quirky social media presence.

Jack's older sister Tatiana Schlossberg is a writer with a focus on environmental issues.
Tatiana is a journalist and has covered climate change for the New York Times Science desk. She earned a master's degree in US history from the University of Oxford in England.

She released a book titled "Inconspicuous Consumption" in August 2019 that Vogue called "a plucky exploration of the myriad ways our casual lifestyle choices come at the expense of the planet and our fellow human beings."

Tatiana married her college boyfriend George Moran, a medical student, in 2017 at her family's estate on Martha's Vineyard.

Jack and Tatiana also have a sister, Rose, who is an actress and has been described as a lookalike of their grandmother, Jackie O.

Kyra Kennedy is a New York City socialite who ran in the "Snap Pack" social circle that also included Tiffany Trump.
Kyra Kennedy, whose father is environmental lawyer and well-known vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was long set to be a major force on the social circuit. She made her formal debut at age 18, at a 2013 debutante ball in Paris.

In 2016, Harper's Bazaar wrote that then 21-year-old Kyra was "the latest Kennedy making headlines" for her partying lifestyle. The New York Times also profiled her social circle that year, dubbing Kyra "a statuesque beauty." The so-called "Snap Pack," named for their frequent use of Snapchat to document nights out on the town, included people like Gaia Matisse, the great-granddaughter of artist Henri Matisse, and Tiffany Trump.

Page Six reported in November 2016 that, according to unconfirmed sources, Kyra's father had enrolled her "a very strict therapeutic [boarding] school" in Italy in an effort to remove her from the limelight. A few months earlier, in April, Us Magazine reported that RFK Jr. had banned his daughter from social media for cyberbullying. She returned to Instagram in September 2019, after an over two-year absence from the app.

Kyra studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and dabbled in modeling, posing for her friend and fellow Snap Pack member Andrew Warren's clothing line during New York Fashion Week in May 2016.

Michaela, Mariah, and Cara Kennedy Cuomo are the daughters of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy's daughter.
Cara went to Harvard for her undergraduate studies and is currently a partner at Sahar Global Summits in New York City. She also works with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation. 

Cara's twin, Mariah, studied history at Brown University and works at a consulting and advisory firm. 

Michaela, the youngest of the three sisters, graduated from Brown earlier this year and made an appearance at a coronavirus press conference with her father in March.
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The Unlikely Kennedy Who Ended the Kennedy Dynasty

Kennedy Family Tree: Meet the New Generation

EXCLUSIVE: 'There was no monogamy in the Kennedy clan.' Ethel Kennedy knew husband Bobby was a serial cheater who had affairs with actresses Kim Novak and Lee Remick - AND widow Jackie Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy's first sexual experience was at a w**rehouse in Harlem, at 21 after his father paid for him to have sex with a black woman 
Bobby's verdict afterwards was that it 'wasn't bad, but it wasn't fabulous either,' according to a new biography of RFK
Outside of his marriage Bobby's list of conquests included stars like Kim Novak, Lee Remick and the singer Claudine Longet
He was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe too - possibly at the same time as JFK
Ethel 'knew he always came home, not just to the kids but her'
FBI files claimed RFK was sleeping with Jackie Kennedy between 1964 and 1968 - their relationship based on grief and on a long-standing affection 
After JFK assassination Bobby wore his brother's bomber jacket with the Presidential seal 
He drove past Arlington cemetery twice a day to 'visit the President' as if he were still alive
Friends said he chewed his nails to the quick, lost weight, couldn't sleep 

PUBLISHED: 14:48 BST, 16 June 2016 | UPDATED: 17:30 BST, 16 June 2016
Ethel Kennedy put up with her husband Bobby's affairs because she knew there was 'no tradition of monogamy in the Kennedy clan'.

Bobby's widow understood the Kennedys better than anyone who wasn't born into the family and was fully aware of what she was getting herself into, a new biography claims.
She knew that infidelity was the price to pay for being married to a Kennedy man and that she had to keep her mouth shut under an unspoken contract.

The book says that Ethel loved her husband 'more completely than she dreamed possible' - and this meant she was able to look the other way.

A new book 'Bobby Kennedy: The Making of A Liberal Icon' by Larry Tye also claims that Bobby suffered what would today be called a nervous breakdown after JFK's assassination in 1963.
In the months following, Bobby built a shrine to his dead brother in his office with photographs, books and other mementos.

He wore his brother's bomber jacket with the Presidential seal on it and drove past Arlington cemetery twice a day to 'visit the President' as if he were still alive.

Friends said that Bobby chewed his nails to the quick, lost weight, couldn't sleep - and was haunted by 'an amputation that never healed'.

Bobby was seen as the most puritanical of his eight siblings and he was the one who was asked to be Attorney General by his brother when he became President.

Bobby's tough, bare knuckle political style was just like their wealthy father Joseph P Kennedy

And according to Tye, he also learned his wandering eye from his father as Joseph had a mistress, silent film star Gloria Swanson, and flings with numerous other women.

Tye writes that Joseph passed down to his sons the idea that 'when it came so sexual mores, boys play while girls pray'.

Bobby's first sexual experience was at a whorehouse in Harlem, New York, at 21 after his father paid for him to have sex with a black woman - Bobby's verdict afterwards was that it 'wasn't bad, but it wasn't fabulous either'.

He married Ethel in 1950 when she was 22 and the following year the first of their 11 children was born.
But outside of his marriage Bobby's list of conquests supposedly included stars like Kim Novak, Lee Remick and the singer Claudine Longet.

He supposedly was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe too - possibly at the same time as his brother.

Tye interviewed Ethel, who is now 88, extensively for the book and gave one of the frankest accounts so far of her late husband's dalliances.

The book says: 'Ethel has lived with the rumors for fifty years and she says she long ago stopped listening to or reading them.

'She tried to block them out then too, although they must have hurt.

'She never disclosed any suspicions.

'She also understood Bobby's family better than anyone else who wasn't born into it, and she knew what whatever her church and their said about sex outside marriage, there was no tradition of monogamy in the Kennedy clan.

'She loved her husband more completely than she dreamed possible and still does.

'And she knew he always came home, not just to the kids but her'.

Richard Goodwin, a friend of Bobby's who traveled with him extensively, was more blunt and said that it was a 'Kennedy family tradition' to sleep around, though Bobby was 'much more selective and limited' than his brother Jack.

The other woman Bobby was rumored to have had an affair with was Jackie Kennedy, his brother's widow.
FBI files have claimed that the two were sleeping together between 1964 and 1968, and built their relationship on grief and on a long-standing affection between the two.

According to Tye, the night of Jack's funeral Bobby asked her: 'Shall we go visit our friend' and the two got down on their knees in silent prayer at his headstone.

Tye writes: 'They had been close friends before, but not intimate confidants like this.

'While Ethel had always had issues with Jackie, until now they hadn't included jealousy'.

FBI files have revealed that Ethel was so concerned about the affair that at one point she confronted David Ormsby-Gore, British ambassador to the United States during the Kennedy administration, and asked what, if anything, he knew about the relationship.

Tye says that whether or not Bobby was having an affair with Jackie is something 'nobody can say for sure'.
Hoover had delivered the news with his characteristic monotone which made it all the more ghastly.

And for Bobby it was 'cataclysmic', Tyre writes.

His hand automatically went to his face, unable to hide his anguish, which Ethel saw from the other side of the pool.

He told her: 'Jack's been shot. It may be fatal'.

Thirty minutes later another phone call informed Bobby his brother was dead.

Another thirty minutes later he received a tone-deaf phone call from Lyndon Johnson asking if he had any objections to him being sworn in as President immediately.

Bobby made sure he was at Andrews Air Force base to meet Jackie and his brother's body.

Bobby was the one who inspected his brother's casket in the East Room and told them to close the coffin because it did not resemble Jack.

As Tye writes, even though the entire nation was in mourning: 'Nobody, not even Jackie would grieve as 'deeply or as long as Bobby did'.

The book says: 'The two were closer than any brothers had been at high levels of government, talking in a private code, perpetually interrupting each other and finishing each other's sentences.

'Gone now were the dreams of what they could accomplish side by side..

'The sniper's bullet that had penetrated Jack's skull shattered Bobby's own vision even as it broke his heart'.

Standing outside the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House Bobby told Charles Spalding, a scriptwriter who knew both brothers: 'It's such an awful shame. The country was going so well. We really had it going'.

Spalding later recalled that when he shut the door Bobby 'gave way completely and was just racked with sobs'.

Journalist Haynes Johnson said that after the funeral Bobby had eyes that were 'haunted' as if he were in a 'deep, deep deep, black despair'.

After the burial John Seigenthaler, a former journalist now working at the Justice Department, recalled how Bobby was at Hickory Hill and told him: 'Come in, somebody shot my brother and we're watching his funeral on television'.

Seigenthaler told Bobby that his trademark sardonic humor was 'not funny'. He said: 'And he looked me dead in the eye and said: 'Don't you think I know that'.

Bobby spiraled into what Tye calls a 'deeper, darker stage of mourning' in the months later when he would stare out of the window during meetings at the Department of Justice and could not focus on even reading legal documents.

He could not even refer to his brother's death directly and instead called it the 'events of November 22 1963'.

As Tye writes, Jack's assassination came after Joe Kennedy Jr died during World War II in 1944 and four years before a plane crash would claim Bobby's older sister Kathleen.

By then their father had had a stroke and was in a wheelchair and Bobby's sister Rosemary was in an institution in Wisconsin due to failed lobotomy.

On June 6 1968 the 'Curse of the Kennedys' would claim Bobby too when he was assassinated, just like his brother. 

Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon

The New Book RFK Book

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