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Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World

What Actually Makes A Man Attractive?

Men's Standards Of Beauty Around The World

What Actually Makes A Man Attractive?

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Male Sex Appeal and Aging | How to Beat the Odds

What gives a man sex appeal?

Santiago Pinto, I'm a virgin, what do I know

Answered Dec 3 2015 · Author has 450 answers and 444.8k answer views

From my personal experience, regardless of your looks or social status, most women in the world find themselves attracted to a man who is confident, independent, emotionally strong and not clingy or too sensitive. self confidence is the most attractive trait a man can have.

Many women will tell you other things, but this is what I found to be the most important factor for me. The second most seductive trait in my case has proven to be a good, clever sense of humor.

these are personality traits. style, physical strength, health, grooming, all those things are also important of course, but they are secondary to self confidence and a good sense of humor.

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Melissa Hoy

Melissa Hoy, Administrative Specialist

Answered Nov 22, 2015 · Author has 5.8k answers and 18.7m answer views

You're asking the wrong question. What you should be asking is "Where can I find a woman who is into (insert freaky type of sex you want here)?"

Sex appeal has nothing to do with this. You say you attract women and apparently get them to have sex with you. So you have sex appeal. And those "bad girls" may not be into your kind of freaky either so don't say you just want a "bad girl". You should ask the right question to get a 

good answer.

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Hillary Rankin

Hillary Rankin, has had a variety of experiences in life, plans to continue this trend

Answered May 30, 2018 · Author has 283 answers and 2m answer views

Obviously every woman (or man) has her (/his) own criteria for this. For me: Confidence without arrogance, smarts without superiority, kindness without being fawning, humor while still being sensitive, and a warm and genuine smile.

Red Hot calendar celebrates the sex appeal of ginger men

Look, we're never going to pretend that being ginger is the same as being part of an actually marginalised group in society, but it's true they do get some stick.

With that in mind, photographer Thomas Knights and art director Elliot Frieze have created a calendar called Red Hot to celebrate ginger-headed men.

The Independent reports that the pair have been touring their initial exhibition since 2013, and have now teamed up again for a 2016/17 calendar.

"I'm a redhead and I grew up with the stigma of being ginger in the UK and the bullying that went with it," he told the Independent.

Frieze agreed: "I have two young nieces and a nephew and remember what it was like myself in school and the effect that bullying has on children."

Knights wanted to present redheads in a different light, he told the Independent.

"I noticed that no one had ever portrayed the ginger man in a positive way - as alpha male - heroic, sexual and confident."

"The focus of Red Hot was the ginger hair but we wanted to explore the beauty of pale skin and freckles... we wanted to photograph the models with an emphasis on luxury and combining this essence with the Romano/Greek alabaster sculptures of the Louvre," added Frieze.

Red hair was once a sign of power, said Frieze, but in the last 100 years it's become the subject of mockery. He put the change down to Hollywood's influence.

"Red Hot is our answer to this - it is in essence a re-branding campaign designed to smash the stereotype," he told the Independent.

There's an argument to be made that there are more important stereotypes to deal with - the men pictured here are all white and attractive, they haven't been dealt the worst hand in life - but as a bit of fun we're all for it.

Outlander fans, this one is for you.

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