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Mersad Berber An Allegory of Bosnia 16 February - 07 May 2017



Mersad Berber (1940 – 2012) is one of the greatest and most significant representatives of Bosnian–Herzegovinian art from the second half of the 20th century. His vast body of expressive and unique works triggered the local art scene’s recognition into Europe as well as the international stage.

Berber belongs to an exceptionally dynamic period of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s contemporary cultural history. He led a young generation of graphic artists opening up the local scene internationally. He was one of the few artists whose talent and mastery enabled him to frequently exhibit in prestigious museums and galleries.

Inspired by the great European masters, from Renaissance to Art Nouveau, Berber’s works are mostly in large scales of combined techniques with a post-modern sensibility. His work embodies the culture of remembrance with characteristic themes and compositional novelties.

From the golden color gamut and the splendor of Berber’s early works, his interpretation of artists such as Piero della Francesco, Guercino, Velasquez, Gericault, David, Ingres, Ivan Kramskoi, Klimt, as well as the Yugoslav painters Bukovac and Jurkić, exemplify the deep, opaque whites of his journeys through the fairy tale landscapes of Bosnia to the dark, macabre burrows of Srebrenica. Berber was always the chronicler of Bosnia as he indefatigably painted the fragments of his country, reflecting the multi-layered cultural history as well as the complexities of its historical experience.

Mersad Berber

Mersad Berber: Bir Bosna Alegorisi | An Allegory of Bosnia

Mersad Berber,photos




Mersad Berber

Istanbul Muzej Pera,photos

Cold Front from the Balkans

10 November 2016 - 07 May 2017

Pera Museum’s Cold Front from the Balkans exhibition curated by Ali Akay and Alenka Gregorič brings together contemporary artists from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

The exhibition focuses on different generations of artists and art groups from the Balkan region. The exhibition avoids the usual unflattering political connotations the region’s name inevitably brings up but instead focuses on a natural phenomenon — the wind. The exhibition title refers to the well-known saying in Turkish: “Cold wind blowing from the Balkans” which conveys winter's arrival and is most commonly used in television weather reports.

Following this very common idiom in Turkey, the exhibition brings together the artists who deal with their immediate surroundings, reacting and commenting on their social, political and cultural milieu, such as Maja Bajević, Braco Dimitrijević, Vadim Fishkin, IRWIN, Laibach, Mladen Miljanović, Ivan Moudov, OHO, Dan Perjovschi, Mladen Stilinović, Ulay, and Sislej Xhafa amongst others. In the selection of the striking works made in different mediums ranging from video to photography, drawing to installation; it is aimed to create a new dialog between the Balkan artists from different generations and to provide a new point of view for the spectator.

Izložba studenata ALU u Pera muzeju, Istanbul: "Slike našeg vremena"

izložba studenata Akademije likovnih umjetnosti u Sarajevu pod nazivom Slike našeg vremena: radovi studenata ALU u Sarajevu  (Images of Our Time – Works from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo). Navedena izložba realizirana u Pera muzeju u Istanbulu rezultat je saradnje započete u novembru 2013. godine između IKASD-Istanbulske asocijacije za međukulturni i umjetnički dijalog, Akademije likovnih umjetnosti u Sarajevu i Pera muzeja u Istanbulu. Želja organizatora projekta bila je predstaviti radove mladih umjetnika sa ALU u Sarajevu koji su diplomirali i/ili magistrirali u posljednjih deset do petnaest godina kako bi se predstavio program rada ALU u Sarajevu i dobio uvid u mladu, likovnu scenu u Sarajevu.

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