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Mikhail Lobukhin Principal Dancer Spartacus - Bolshoi Ballet

Flames of Paris Ekaterina Krysanova Mikhail Lobukhin Bolshoi Ballet

Mikhail Lobukhin

Principal Dancer

Born in Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad). In 2002, he graduated from the the Vaganova Ballet Academy (Saint Petersburg). Received a Diploma Certificate Bachelor of Arts with honors (teacher Boris Bregvadze), that same year he was admitted to the ballet of the Marinsky Theatre.

In January 2010, joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company (his first teachers were Mikhail Lavrovsky and Valery Lagunov).Today his teacher-repetiteur is Alexander Petukhov. The title part in Spartacus was learned under Yuri Vladimirov.

Mikhail Lobukhin - Spartacus - Bolshoi Ballet

Mikhail Lobukhin of the Bolshoi Ballet in Spartacus. Bilet v Bolshoi December 2010.

Mikhail Lobukhin, Nina Kaptsova - Spartacus

Mikhail Lobukhin (Dancer)

Sparticus' Performed by the Bolshoi Ballet at the Royal Opera House, London, UK - 29 Jul 2019



Maria Alexandrova, Mikhail Lobukhin - El Talisman

Flames of Paris Ekaterina Krysanova Mikhail Lobukhin Bolshoi Ballet

Happy Birthday to Mikhail Lobukhin, The Bolshoi Ballet principal! Wishing all the best!

Mikhail Lobukhin dodaje novu fotografiju.

Igor Tsvirko, Denis Rodkin, and Mikhail Lobukhin - Bolshoi Ballet - photo by Tom Jackson

From left: Bolshoi principal dancers Igor Tsvirko, Denis Rodkin and Mikhail Lobukhin at rehearsal


If you think ballet is for girls, watch Spartacus. There are no swans or fairies, no frilly tutus or lovesick princes here. The curtain rises on Crassus, a Roman general, drawn in a chariot, preening in triumph. Centurions strut with swords. Spartacus, the vanquished king of Thrace, and his men are bound semi-naked in chains, muscles flexing to Khachaturian’s martial score. The first act alone has a gladiator fight to the death, a slave uprising and an orgy.

Denis Rodkin, the Bolshoi’s leading male principal, credits this celebration of machismo with his father, an aviation engineer, finally understanding his career choice. “Until he saw Spartacus,” he says, “my father didn’t like ballet.”

I am backstage at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow with three…

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