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Moon Jae-in

is the 12th and current President of South Korea.

Moon Jae-in

Moon Jae-in (Hangul: 문재인; Hanja: 文在寅; Korean pronunciation: [mun.dʑɛ̝.in]; born 24 January 1953) is the 12th and current President of South Korea. Formally, he is also considered the 12th President of South Korea, based on the number of presidential terms in the country's history. Moon was elected after the impeachment of his predecessor, Park Geun-hye.

Born in Geoje, South Korea, Moon Jae-in was the first son among five children of father Moon Yong-hyung and mother Kang Han-ok. His father was a refugee from South Hamgyeong Province (currently in North Korea) who fled his native city of Hamhung during the Hamhung Retreat. His family eventually settled in Busan and Moon attended Kyungnam High School. He enrolled in Kyunghee University where he majored in law. He was arrested, convicted, and imprisoned and expelled from the university after he organized a student protest against the Yushin Constitution. Later, he was conscripted into the military and assigned to the South Korean special forces, where he participated in "Operation Paul Bunyan" during the Axe murder incident.

After his discharge, he passed the Bar Exam and was admitted to the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He graduated second in his class but was not admitted to become a judge or government prosecutor due to his history of activism against the Yushin dictatorship under Park Chung-hee's rule as a student. Moon chose to become a lawyer instead.

Moon married Kim Jung-sook, a vocalist from the same university he attended. He and Kim both individually revealed in separate Korean talk shows that Moon met his wife as a student activist. He is currently the second Roman Catholic leader after the late former President Kim Dae-jung, and his baptismal (or Christian) name is "Timothy".He is also called "Dark King" (Hangul: 명왕; Hanja: 冥王; RR: Myeong-wang) because he resembles Silvers Rayleigh, a character from the Japanese manga series One Piece. "Mr. Moon" (Hangul: 달님; RR: Dal-nim) is his other famous nickname. His family name doesn't refer to the Moon, but he was given this "planet nickname" because of his English romanization.A former student activist, human rights lawyer, and chief of staff to then-President Roh Moo-hyun, Moon served as the leader of the Minjoo Party of Korea (2015–2016) and a member of the 19th National Assembly (2012–2016). He was also the Democratic United Party's candidate in the 2012 presidential election in which he lost narrowly to Park Geun-hye

Moon Jae In: From special forces soldier to South Korea president

photos Moon Jae

How a dashing bodyguard is stealing the new South Korean president's limelight

Newly elected South Korean president Moon Jae-in has lived up to his promise to shake up the country’s politics, but perhaps not in the way that he expected.

In his first few days in office, Mr Moon’s dashing close protection officer, Choi Young-jae, appears to have stolen the limelight, sending social media into a frenzy with the best smouldering bodyguard poses since Kevin Costner swept Whitney Houston off her feet in the 1990s Hollywood classic.

Photos of the 36-year-old square-jawed bodyguard, dressed in a sharp suit and staring into the crowd with a stern but sultry menace, have gone viral.

Photos Young-jae

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Choi Young Jae, Pengawal Tampan di Dunia Nyata yang Jadi Idola

South Korean president’s ‘hot bodyguard’ face of new government’s ‘handsome brigade’

WHEN photographs emerged of South Korean president Moon Jae-in’s new bodyguard at the weekend, they sent social media into meltdown.

The chiselled, Hollywood good looks of 35-year-old Choi Young-jae have sparked jokes that he needs his own bodyguard to keep adoring fans at bay while he keeps the president safe. You would think the fawning over Choi’s looks would be considered a distraction by a new administration keen to move the country forward in the wake of the impeachment scandal that ended the reign of its first female president Park Geun-hye.

But many people believe beauty is all part of President Moon’s master plan.

“Netizens wittily suggest that President Moon Jae-in has hired ‘good-looking’ professionals ... as the attractive public face of the new administration,” observed journalist Eom Da-sol in an article for the Korea Times.

“The first person responsible for the suggestion is Moon himself. Photos of the handsome younger Moon went viral on social media when his campaign camp first released them in 2012. “One person commented: ‘He will be the first handsome president of Korea’.”

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