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Mr Churchill

Addresses Congress

France Honours Churchill (1947)

 Les Invallides, Paris, France.

Winston Churchill is presented with the Medaille Militaire by President Paul Ramadier.

LS Churchill, Ramadier and others walking through acclaiming crowds.

Mr Churchill Addresses Congress - SOUND


Nobel Prize For Churchill (1953)

In 1953 Winston Churchill receives a nobel price. His wive accepts the literature nobel price for him.

Stockholm, Sweden.

SV King Gustav Adolph of Sweden entering hall. STV King and others standing. STV Nobel Prize winners taking places. SV Royal party and audience being seated. SCU Lady Churchill and daughter Mary (Mrs. Soames) SV Dr Siegfrid Siwertz taking his place on platform to present Sir Winston's work, & GV. SV Royal party, Lady Churchill and daughter. CU Lady Churchill and daughter. SV audience. SV Royal Party listening as Siwertz says... "Lady Churchill... etc." SCU Lady Churchill and daughter rise (natural sound). STV Lady Churchill standing as King is given Churchill's literary award ready for handing over. King rises, Lady Churchill walks forward.... curtsey's and receives Nobel Prize followed by Fanfare of Trumpets, during which time King chats to Lady Churchill. They shake hands, applause as Lady Churchill returns to her place.

Westminster's Day Of Majesty (1954)

Westminster, London.

LV. Houses of Parliament. LV. No 10 Downing Street. SCU. Sir Winston and Lady Churchill reading telegrams. CU. Winston Churchill.  SCU. 80 candled birthday cake. SV. Baskets of flowers going into No 10 (2 shots). SV. Pressmen. SV. Sir Winston leaving home on way to Parliament. LV. Victoria Tower. SV. Yeoman of Guard entering Parliament. SCU. Noblewoman and other guests entering through rain. AS. Rainbow in sky. SV. Sir Winston and Lady Churchill entering. SV. Two kiddies between two huge policemen. LV. Towards, Queen's coach arriving, & SCU. SV. Towards and pan, Queen Elizabeth II entering Parliament. GV. Escorts lined up outside. SV. Queen and Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) walking into Parliament.

Sir Winston Churchill Resigns (1955) | British Pathé

Sir Winston Churchill - Funeral (I Vow To Thee) - The Nation's Farewell

5 Little Known & Fascinating Facts About Winston Churchill...

Never, never, never give up - Winston Churchill

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