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Plenkovic says EPP unanimous in supporting Weber for EC president

PM: European funds are changing Croatia

Plenkovic says EPP unanimous in supporting Weber for EC president

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All European People's Party leaders are unanimous in their support to Manfred Webber for European Commission president, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said in Brussels on Tuesday.

The leaders of the EU28 gathered in Brussels, two days after European elections, to begin talks on the procedure and criteria for the election of the next EC president as well as the presidents of the European Council, the European Central Bank and the European Parliament, and the high commissioner for the common foreign and security policy.

Before an informal dinner, all leaders attended meetings of their political groups.

"It is the unanimous stand of all EPP leaders, after such results, to support our candidate Manfred Weber for president of the European Commission, and this is the position we are taking today," Plenkovic told reporters after a summit of party leaders, before the informal dinner.

"We analysed the election results at the EPP summit today. We are satisfied. We are again the strongest political party on the continent, the relative election winner," he added.

He said no decision would be made at today's informal summit as it was a chance to crystallize positions.

It is expected that at its next regular summit on June 20-21, the European Council will nominate the new EC president, who could be confirmed by the new European Parliament in mid-July. If necessary, another summit could be held to nominate the new EC president, said Plenkovic.

He said that in the distribution of new positions it was necessary to take geographical balance into account and that it would be good if a position went to a country in central and east Europe.

Asked how much truth there was in an article in the latest issue of the Croatian Nacional weekly, which says that German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants Plenkovic in a leading position in the EU, that Dragan Primorac would replace him as PM, and that this was the main reason for her visit to Zagreb ahead of the European elections, Plenkovic responded ironically.

"That certainly was the main reason. That's all we talked about. The whole article and everything it says is news to me."

PM: European funds are changing Croatia l

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European funds are the key to development, better living standards and economic growth, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Sunday, adding that over the past 15 years the EU had invested EUR 365 billion in the development of central and east European countries and that 80% of public investment in Croatia came from EU funds.

Until 2020, Croatia has EUR 10.7 billion in EU funds at its disposal and it expects as much in the next seven-year budget, Plenkovic said at the EU Funds Open Doors Day.

"The Croatian state couldn't find that in the form of grants in any other way," he said, citing as an example the renovation of the roundabout in Zagreb's Remetinec neighbourhood, which costs HRK 330 million, of which HRK 273 million comes from EU funds and HRK 50 million from the government.

"This modernisation proves how important EU membership is and how much it improves the quality of living," Plenkovic said.

He announced that an agreement will be signed on Monday for the establishment of the Shared Services Centre which will coordinate and manage the utilisation of all IT applications and e-services which government institutions provide to citizens. The project is worth HRK 360 million, of which HRK 307 million comes from EU funds.

The prime minister said the EU had invested EUR 365 billion in the development of central and east European countries that became member states in 2004 and 2007. "And when we know that 80% of public investment in Croatia comes thanks to the European Union, then we see that it's the key to our development, better standards and economic growth."

The EU Funds Open Doors Day was organised by the Regional Development and EU Funds Ministry under the slogan "EU funds are changing Croatia".

Minister Gabrijela Zalac said that at the end of October 2018 that contracted European projects were worth HRK 7.3 billion and that now the amount was HRK 54 billion. "That's 68% of the contracted allocation of EUR 10.7 billion."

The government's goal is for the contracting rate to reach 85% by the end of the year, she said, adding that applications had been called for over 88% of the allocation.

EU projects worth HRK 1.8 billion have been contracted in Zagreb, she said. "We will keep up the same tempo next year so we can contract 100% of the allocation."

The head of the European Commission Representation in Croatia, Branko Baricevic, said the cohesion policy was one of the most successful EU policies, voicing confidence that Croatia would know how to use it. EU funds "are aimed at increasing overall prosperity and prepare the countries using them to transform their economies into self-sufficient economies," he added.

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