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Life Learning Academia ' Ambassador of Knowledge' for Mr Mario Plenkoviić The President of Croatian Communication Association Mario Plenković, professor emeritus

Dear Mr Plenković

Life Learning Academia. We would like to kindly invite you to accept honorable function  and become an Ambassador of Knowledge.  What is the purpose of the project and what we want to achieve is described in attached document. 

The gala ceremony for inauguration will be on 4th September at 6 PM in Slovenia - Ljubljana City.

Invitation letter is attached.

We will be more than honored if you will confirm her presence on this special gala evening and join with us and other successful  and recognizable individuals who the function of Ambassador of Knowledge are already accepted.

Short promo video clip:

With the best wishes and stay in touch.

Marjetka Kastner,

Life Learning Academia

tel. 00386 31 536 868



The beginnings of the Ambassadors of Knowledge (AK) project date back to 2014, when it was established to present, with the cooperation of renowned individuals who have received the honorary function of 'Ambassador of Knowledge', the best individuals or groups from different fields of expertise receiving a reward called “Reference” for their efforts from Ambassadors.

Receipt of the Reference reward enables individuals/groups to best improve their promotion opportunities or find potential investors.

The project is organised by Life Learning Academia. It connects individuals/groups throughout the globe, creates a pool of talents from the entire world and enhances collaboration at the global level, as we invite organisations and individuals of various expertise, different races, religions and political affiliations, genders and economic statuses.

In addition to providing individuals with better references and accumulating talents, the Ambassadors of Knowledge project also blurs the gap between the economic and academic spheres, and builds the society of knowledge on the global level.

Who can be an Ambassador of Knowledge?

An Ambassador of Knowledge is an honorary function only received by individuals meeting the required criteria through their endeavours, expertise, credibility and high ethical standards.

Ambassadors of Knowledge become so based on prior invitation from Life Learning Academia and confirmation by the Certification Committee.

Every year, new Ambassadors of Knowledge are proposed and appointed and meet those who have previously accepted this honorary function.

The 'Annual Meeting of Ambassadors of Knowledge' is also an opportunity to confer our Reference, Mentor and Coordinator Awards. Read more about the project at:  .

Those who work on the Ambassadors of Knowledge project and help build a global knowledge society invaluably contribute to the development of human resources and the overall success of this project which is changing the world for the better. Such collaboration always comes from the heart.

Life Learning Academia,

Project management organisation Ambassadors of Knowledge

Marjetka Kastner, Director

As part of the Ambassadors of Knowledge project, we invite you to the annual meeting held as a gala evening of networking, collaborations and growth on 4 September at 18.00 in Hotel Slon, Ljubljana.

We will hold the Reference, Mentor, and Coordinator Award ceremony, and welcome new Ambassadors of Knowledge who follow their hearts and use their expertise to connect people worldwide.

Kindly welcome,

Marjetka Kastner, director



The invitation applies to two people and is non-transferable. You can confirm your participation at

Applications are accepted until August 25, 2019, or until the places are filled. Invitation to c accept  an honorary function

' Ambassador of Knowledge'


Mr Mario Plenkoviić

The President of Croatian Communication Association

RSVP : 20 .08.2019 Tel: +386 (31) 536 868 E-mail:

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