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Raf Vallone..............Sara Montiel

La violetera (1958) The 60 th anniversary of the film …..

Raf Vallone

Raffaele "Raf" Vallone (17 February 1916 – 31 October 2002) was an Italian footballer and international film star.

Elena Varzi

Eleonora Vallone

Saverio Vallone (b. 1958)

Arabella Vallone (b. 1958)



Raf Vallone

Ultima intervista Raf


1960 Charlton Heston y Raf Vallone Reciben a Sophia Loren en Aeropuerto de Madrid - Rodaje El Cid

In honour of Raf Vallone

Thanks to the cooperation of the family, we publish a detailed biography of Raf Vallone. The family helped us to collect information regarding the actor’s life and about his origins. His background belonged from the culture of Poro, the culture of his mother and one of the noble families in Tropea, where he grew up. The family, the sons Eleonora, Saverio, Arabella and the wife Elena Varzi, joined the idea of a web site and cooperated to show us the values Vallone believed in and to point the features of the actor’s life, also as father. Thanks to the materials and the pictures the family gave us, we could make a research so precious.

Raf Vallone

La violetera (1958) The 60 th anniversary of the film …..

On New Year's Eve 1899, Soledad is peddling violets in a Madrid busy street when she meets aristocrat Fernando. The couple falls in love but their different social backgrounds threatens the relationship. Fernando is under constant pressure from his older brother Alfonso who reminds him of his duties including his engagement to Magdalena, a countess. Disregarding all social conventions and scandalizing high society, Fernando sets up Soledad in a plush apartment and announces their marriage plans. Alfonso gets killed in a duel trying to save the family honor. Fernando, feeling devastated and guilty by his brother's death, decides to put an end to the affair. Heartbroken, Soledad runs away and ends up singing for a living at Salon Bolero . There she meets Henri, a French promoter who offers to make her a singing star. Meanwhile, Fernando realizes that he cannot live without Soledad and tries to find her but, by then, she has gone to Paris. Soledad conquers France and becomes a stage ... Written by Mark Martin

El Polichinela HD - Sara Montiel

Rosa de Madrid - Sara Montiel HD

Sara Montiel - Mimosa

Sara Montiel - Mala entraña

Raf Vallone photos

LA VIOLETERA La 1_2011-01-01

Sara Montiel - Es mi hombre

Sara Montiel - Los Puentes de París

Sara Montiel - Frou frou

Sara Montiel - Agua que no has de beber

Sara Montiel - La violetera (1958) HD

Sara Montiel y Raf Vallone  

La violetera (1958)  Full Cast & Crew

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