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Rio's parade is rained on one last time!

RIO 2016

Rio's parade is rained on one last time! Olympics closing ceremony is hit by a torrential rainstorm as Brazil brings the curtain down in front of a half-empty stadium

Athletes and spectators from around the world gathered for the Olympics closing ceremony in Rio on Sunday to watch the city pass the baton on to Toyko, hosts for the next 2020 games.

SpokFrevo Orquestra | Vassourinhas (M. da Rocha) | Instrumental Sesc Brasil

RIO 2016


TOKYO 2020

24 JUL - 09 AUG


04 FEB - 20 FEB

Copacabana (1947) Full Movie (Blu-ray Version)

Filme ''Copacabana'' de 1947, estrelado por Groucho Marx, Carmen Miranda, Steve Cochran, Andy Russell e Gloria Jean. Dirigido por Alfred E. Green.

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