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Rose Kennedy Interview |1974

The 45 th anniversary

Rose Kennedy Interview |1974

Respected Journalist Mavis Nicholson chats to Mrs Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, American philanthropist and socialite but most famously known for being a part of one of America's most important political dynasties..The Kennedy family

First shown: 1974  11th November

June 15, 1968 - Edward & Rose Kennedy thanks the nation following Robert F. Kennedy's assassination

The bereaved parents and brother of slain Senator Robert Kennedy express their gratitude to the nation. Senator Edward Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, and Joseph P. Kennedy at the Kennedy family compound at Hyannis Port, Mass. Makes their first public statement in the aftermath of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

December 9, 1960 - Jacqueline Kennedy home from hospital and off to the White House

President Elect John F. Kennedy and wife Jacqueline Kennedy arrive back from the hospital with their newborn son, John F. Kennedy Jr.

Mrs. Kennedy Visits the White House. Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower in the South Grounds after the First Lady took the future First Lady on a tour of the White House. Mrs. Kennedy went to the White House within two hours after she left Georgetown Hospital with her infant son.

Despite new First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy having given birth to her son John Jr. via caesarean section two weeks prior, Mamie refused to inform Jacqueline that there was a wheelchair available for her to use while showing Mrs. Kennedy the various sections of the White House. Seeing Mamie's displeasure during the tour, Jackie kept her composure while in Mrs. Eisenhower's presence, finally collapsing in private once the new First Lady returned home.

December 19-31, 1961 - President Kennedy visits his father at St. Mary's Hospital, Palm Beach, FL.

Joseph P. Kennedy, 73, father of the President, suffered a stroke while playing golf and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, Palm Beach, Florida. President John F. Kennedy returned to Palm Beach, where he and his family had expected to fly down for a family Christmas celebration.

Also visiting Joseph Kennedy are his sons Robert and Edward and his son in law, Peter Lawford. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy also visiting almost every day.

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