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Royalty - Queen Elizabeth II and Churchill's - No. 10 Downing Street

Woodford's Gift To The Premier

France Honours Churchill (1947)

Interview With The Rt Hon Winston Churchill Aka Election Interview No 2 (1950)

Nobel Prize For Churchill (1953)

Windsor - Queen Honours Sir Winston (1954)

Westminster's Day Of Majesty (1954)

Woodford's Gift To The Premier (1954)

Sir Winston Churchill Resigns (1955) | British Pathé  

In this extraordinary archive footage from 1955, Sir Winston Churchill leaves 10 Downing St. for the last time to heartfelt goodbyes from his cabinet and the Queen.

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Royalty - Queen Elizabeth II and Churchill's - No. 10 Downing Street

Queen Elizabeth II is greeted by Lady Churchill and Sir Winston Churchill, as she arrives for a dinner party at No. 10 Downing Street. (Photo by PA Images via Getty Images)

The Queen is greeted by  Lady Churchill and Sir Winston churchill

Trafalgar Day (1955)

Sir Winston Churchill Returns Home from Hospital (1955) | British Pathé


John F. Kennedy makes Winston Churchill an honorary American citizen

The day a nation buried WW2 leader Winston Churchill - Witness - BBC News

Farewell To Churchill (1965)

The final resting place of Sir Winston Churchill, Bladon, Oxfordshire

Queen Elizabeth II's 12 prime ministers

London (CNN)During her 64-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been served by 12 prime ministers. Many relationships were formed -- from Winston Churchill, to "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher -- and some proved more difficult than others.

While most of their political and personal conversations are kept strictly confidential, memoirs and historic interactions provide an insight into their relationships.

So as Theresa May becomes Britain's next Prime Minister -- and Her Majesty's 13th -- take a look back at those who have served her.

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