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Sebastian Rulli Stars In Univision’s Most Ambitious Project – ‘El Dragon’

Rulli is a man caught between two worlds, both geographically as well as morally

Sebastian Rulli Stars In Univision’s Most Ambitious Project – ‘El Dragon’

‘El Dragon‘ airing weeknights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT (9:00 p.m. CT) is Univision‘s most ambitious launch of the year. The series premiered at number one in the ratings and has remained on top ever since. This highly stylized production was shot on location in Tokyo, Madrid, Miami, and in various cities in Mexico with an expansive gallery of richly drawn international characters. The series stars Sebastian Rulli in the title role of “El Dragon.” In an exclusive interview Rulli opens up about a series destined to revolutionize Spanish language television.

As Miguel Garza, Rulli is a man caught between two worlds, both geographically as well as morally. One centers on his childhood in Mexico, marked by the untimely murder of his parents and the family business he is destined to inherit. The other is a world of culture and sophistication in Japan, where he is sent by his grandfather and trained in martial arts while also becoming a successful financier. 20 years later, the handsome and educated young man is called back to Mexico to save the family “business.”  Miguel must draw on both worlds if he wants to protect his family and save his soul.

Rulli was born in Buenos Aires and after completing his studies traveled to Europe and began a modeling career. After experiencing initial success he moved to Mexico and began acting. His debut on screen was in 2000 in the telenovela “Primer amor, a mil por hora,” followed by “Sin pecado concebido,” and “Clase 406,” both melodramas began to position him as one of the most sought after actors. In 2004, the actor starred in the telenovela “Rubí,” alongside actress Bárbara Mori, a role that would catapult him to international success. Since then he has remained one of the top actors in Spanish language television, working uninterruptedly in telenovelas, and winning Best Lead Actor several times.

HOMBRE: Tell us about 'El Dragon''
Sebastian Rulli: We started to film last November. We had to combine the Japanese and Mexican cultures in something as complicated as narco-trafficking, finance, money laundering… it was very interesting.
I love action, adrenaline, and this character has it all. The most complicated thing is that he is the coldest character I have played. He’s a rock. Cold as ice.
This story has everything, in a very real way. It’s not melodramatic scenes, here the drama is presented in a more realistic way. More cinematographic. It’s very different than anything I’ve done in twenty years. Audiences will be shocked.

H: What more can you tell us about your character?
SR: He lost his father when he was twelve and his grandfather sent him to Japan to grow up differently. After many years he becomes a very successful business man, legally.
His grandfather becomes ill and wants him to take care of the business and he only trusts his grandson and calls him back. He returns to Mexico and fights for what he feels destroyed his family.
But he changes. His personality was built in the Far East and when he arrives in Mexico he has to adapt his way of thinking.

 H: What kind of research did you do for this character?
SR: I had a coach for Japan, a coach for finance, a coach for Aikido, a coach for everything. Production is very well prepared, nothing is improvised, nothing is invented. They have worked day and night to be sure that what’s on the screen is real.

H: What was the most difficult part of filming?
SR: To maintain the rhythm, the energy. We were filming for eight months, twelve hours per day during six days per week . You’ll see me in a different role. I had to study and memorize, it’s something you cant improvise. Each episode will grab you more and more.

H: Did you have any martial arts training prior to this series?
SR: As a child I played all sports. I know a little about a lot,  but I never was involved in something for so long. Three months, three times per week, two hours daily and for each scene we had the coaching and training.

H: Did you spend a long time in Japan?
SR: Not long. We traveled to Japan and Spain at the same time. We were in Japan an entire week, and less in Spain. We replicated Japan in many locations, but you can’t tell.

H: Was this your first time in Japan?
SR: I lived in Japan twenty two years ago. But there was no Google, no translate, so you can say I missed ninety percent of what I lived there.

H: Are there similarities between yourself and your character?
SR: Miguel is similar to me in the sense that he is very structured and disciplined. And then very opposite from me. A person that doesn’t show emotion. I think I’m a little more sensitive.
As an actor I had the challenge to transmit what the character was living. His frustrations, the tough life he had to live to reach this moment. And the clear objective he has.
He’s a noble, positive character and he’s involved in situations where things don’t depend on him. This character wants to change the world. He doesn’t care about money. You’ll see him wanting more because it’s his passion but his purpose is to do good, to do away with violence and addiction. He wants to create the perfect drug. He wants to make a positive change in a negative environment.

H: Are you performing your own stunts?
SR: I love doing my stunts. People notice when you don’t do them. I tried to do them all. In every scene something happened but nothing too bad.

H: What will this series mean for television programming?
SR: This is a radical change in modern television. It will be a challenge to future producers. “El Dragon” is the most ambitious project on the air. It’s going to change how people see television and I’m sure it will conquer audiences. People will not be disappointed.

H: Why El Dragon?
SR: The dragon is a symbol of power, of strength, of fighting, and it’s a symbol of the Far East.

H: Why would you say there’s such an interest in drug related series?
SR: Everyone wants success and people are disappointed with regular careers. What has grown is politics and narco-trafficking, and in Latin America that’s what people see. You see that, and very little success in what is a traditional career. Networks are showing a reality that before wasn’t shown. The one that has the power doesn’t have to have the gold chains, to be surrounded by girls. Miguel is a white collar businessman and he had no interest in making money or excess.

H: What do you see as the future of this series?
SR: I love the experience. I loved working with the team and I would love to see this character evolve. The story has so much to give. I cried when I read the ending. For me to cry while reading the script is very difficult. I was very moved. The series started September 30 in the US and after that it will be in the rest of the world, in over 200 countries on a major platform.

H: What would you keep from the character?
SR: Personally, the desire to continue. To see what happens after the ending. There’s a lot of intrigue, and to see if he accomplishes his goal.

H: You mentioned being influenced by films like “The Godfather,” do you like those types of roles?
SR: I love those roles, but characters like that rarely appear in the world I’m involved in. But now television is changing. Audiences are demanding more. Now people can see those kinds of roles in their TV screens. We’re evolving into a higher level and we’re doing it fast.

H: Socially, what is important to you now?
SR: I have a son and I would like him to inherit a better world, to see clearer horizons, not so damaged. Power ruins humanity and in this series you will see that. Love moves the world and has to keep moving it because if that is over everything ends.

H: After so much success in your acting career, what advice can you offer?
SR: To take on every challenge as if it was the first. Not to believe success because that’s only a moment. People will remember you by characters that touched someone.


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