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Spartacus Ballet - Aram Khacaturian - Bolshoi Balle

The Bolshoi Ballet's 11 Prima Ballerinas 2017

Spartacus Ballet - Aram Khacaturian - Bolshoi Ballet

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The Bolshoi Ballet's 11 Prima Ballerinas 2017

These are the 11 Bolshoi Ballet Prima Ballerinas as listed in July 2017. I see that since I made this video about 2 weeks ago, Alexandrova & Kaptsova have moved from the list of Principals to the list of dancers "working under contract". Could someone please explain what "working under contract" means & why they have moved to this section? Please note that the list is in alphabetical order & that this is a tribute to the greatness of each ballerina. It is not meant as a critical comparison, so please bear this in mind when commenting. Here are the ballerinas in the order shown in this video: 
1. Maria Alexandrova - Raymonda Variation - Raymonda Act I 0:15
2. Maria Allash - Queen Mekhmene Variation - A Legend of Love Act I 1:35
3. Nina Kaptsova - Lise Variation - La Fille Mal Gardee Act II 3:27
4. Ekaterina Krysanova - Gamzatti Variation - La Bayadere Act II 5:13
5. Anna Nikulina - Phrygia Variation - Spartacus Act III 6:33
6. Evgenia Obraztsova - Kitri Variation - Don Quixote Act III 9:39
7. Ekaterina Shipulina - Variation from Paquita 10:59
8. Olga Smirnova - Aspicia Variation - The Pharaoh's Daughter Act I 13:49
9. Anastasia Stashkevich - The Flames of Paris Variation 14:49
10. Yulia Stepanova - Lilac Fairy Var. - Sleeping Beauty Prologue 16:01
11. Svetlana Zakharova - Nikiya Variation - La Bayadere Act II 17:34

Bolshoi Ballet - Male Principal Dancers 2019

A tribute to the Bolshoi Ballet's male principal dancers of 2019, as listed alphabetically on the Bolshoi's site. List of Principals & dance excerpts:
• Semyon Chudin - Etudes/Sleeping Beauty
 • Vladislav Lantratov - Don Quixote/Crassus (Spartacus)
 • Mikhail Lobukhin - Talisman/Don Quixote
• Vyacheslav Lopatin - Pas D’Esclave (Le Corsaire)/Coppelia
 • Artem Ovcharenko - Esmeralda/Nutcracker
 • Denis Rodkin - Swan Lake/Paquita
• Ruslan Skvortsov - Raymonda/The Golden Age
 • Alexander Volchkov - Esmeralda/La Bayadere 
At the end is Ivan Vasiliev, ex-Bolshoi Principal, now world star based in Saint Petersburg performing Diana & Acteon & Flames of Paris variations & lastly, are dance scenes from Sleeping Beauty & La Bayadere of former Bolshoi star, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, now head of the Vaganova Academy.

Mikhail Lobukhin
Principal Dancer

Born in Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad). In 2002, he graduated from the the Vaganova Ballet Academy (Saint Petersburg). Received a Diploma Certificate Bachelor of Arts with honors (teacher Boris Bregvadze), that same year he was admitted to the ballet of the Marinsky Theatre.
In January 2010, joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company (teachers Mikhail Lavrovsky and Valery Lagunov).

Mikhail Lobukhin - Spartacus - Bolshoi Ballet

Flames of Paris Ekaterina Krysanova Mikhail Lobukhin Bolshoi Ballet

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