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There are 3 types of models in the industry


There are 3 types of models in the industry. The ones that got potential and work hard to get a job after numerous castings and actually walk the ladder of success slowly and steady, the ones that have it natural and act as real people despite their amazing success, looks and how photogenic they are, and the wannabes who just happen to dream more, labelling themselves as "top models" without any proof of that.

Some models can be completely altered in pictures from the way they normally look, and anyone in the fashion industry can tell you that with a smirking face. Being handsome or pretty isn't at all what models core is all about. Being a model is all about being the person your photographer and label wants you to be.

Logan though is one of those models, you would expect to be the posh personality with a bit of "people know me, you know!" attitude.Instead, he is the most outgoing person you can meet and he has a lot more to say than just sitting around and hoping that someone will recognize him from Rufskin.

Logan is a beautiful person on the outside but on the inside too. He is a warm, funny and a kind-hearted soul that can light a room by his personality, rather than just showing off his pretty face.

Despite the over-dramatization of watching someone cradle their lost inches as if they are forced to model and participate in fashion, Logan actually seems to get his shape as easy as drinking water and he actually has a lot of fun with it! He loves to sweat! Actually he has build his body over pending his muscles in any possible way to reach the result we see today.

He is unique in becoming a teasing child when it comes to making people laugh around him, extremely comfortable when it comes to modeling as the muse of RUFSKIN for many years now and a person who can make you feel that you matter more than you think of.

Editing by Dalibor Jakus Interview by Apostolos Hatzimeletiou

- Hi Logan, thank you for being with us.Where's home for you?

- Originally Jacksonville FL, but I was a Navy brat so I moved around a lot. Went to school in Indiana and my parents currently live there as well.

- You have been in Greece in summer and in the desert as well. Which one do you prefer?

- Well, with the Cali vibe I can experience basically any season almost any time of year when I want so I'd have to say I prefer California for its diversity.

- You seem to be a little too out-of-reality to handle from the outside. I mean, you are too athletic, too smiley, too handsome, too funny, too down on your feet. Yet you are as approachable as any of my friends. Lots of people would think that you would be that type of a model who would just be too posh to approach. How do you handle the publicity of being the "face" of Rufskin though keeping it real on you normality?

- I don't know I guess that honor goes to my parents, I suppose they raised me well!

I try and remain humble and treat everyone with respect and spread my happy vibe wherever I go.

- The whole team obviously worked too much to get the brand to where it is. Steady and slowly Rufskin is now a well known brand and you still work with the same passion. What is your long-range objective with Rufskin?

- As one of my good friends said, a lot, "Keep the vibe alive" (Neil) while remaining true to our American Made and globally influenced heritage.

- What do you think that makes your collections more exclusive?

- Besides the masterminds behind the brand (Douglas and Hubert) I'd say limited availability, we tend to only do certain styles, colors, etc. for only a few runs then it's on to the next design! Needless to say "get it while it's hot!"  

- You hear the phrase ''Logan, naked and start the shooting'', what's your reaction?

 - I'm already naked!

What's sexy for you?

- Beauty and sex etc are subjective. I think anything can be sexy or beautiful it just depends on the manner in which it's presented, and of course it has to make me happy

- Are you surprised by people’s comments sometimes?

- I use to but not so much anymore... there is still shock value sometimes depending on how racy the comment is (I have to delete some comments etc on social media).

- Best and worst reaction by fans?

- I'm not sure... It's all good even if it's labelled as "bad" because you can always take away at least two positives from every negative. It's always a learning experience.

- Obviously you eat healthy to maintain that body aesthetic result. But that doesn't mean you don't eat too much or that you don't get cheat meals once in a while. What's the best of the best for you to get in a cheat meal day?

- A good juicy burger with bacon, cheese, avocado, and probably a million other toppings. Can I have sweet potato fries with that?!

- Would you say you’re obsessed with your body or is it a long time habit and love for fitness?

- My passion is fitness, exercise, outdoor activities, and anything to stay active and moving. The result just happens to be a good body.

- Where will Logan be in 5 years from now?

- I'll still be right here with Rufskin growing with the company! Hopefully Ill still be pushing the envelope, learning new things, and experiencing life to the fullest, as always!

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Photos Apostolos Hatzimeletiou

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