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The Adventurers

Actors, Bekim Fehmiu Charles Aznavour Alan Badel Candice Bergen Tommy Berggren Ernest Borgnine Rossano Brazzi Olivia de Havilland Anna Moffo Leigh Taylor-Young

The Adventurers (1970 film)

The Adventurers is a 1970 American drama film based on the novel by Harold Robbins. It is directed, produced and written by Lewis Gilbert.

The American film stars Bekim Fehmiu, Candice Bergen, Charles Aznavour, Olivia de Havilland, Fernando Rey, Ernest Borgnine, Alan Badel and Leigh Taylor-Young. The film featured a film debut from Fehmiu and was shot in Europe and parts of South America. It is loosely based on the life of Dominican diplomat and playboy Porfirio Rubirosa.

Set in South America, it tells the tale of a rich playboy, Dax (Diogenes Alejandro Xenos) (Bekim Fehmiu) who uses and destroys everyone who crosses his path. His vileness results from having seen his mother and sister raped and murdered by Government troops. But his obsession is to avenge his father's murder. And yet, the father of Dax had been a true patriot unlike any of the other self-seeking Presidentes in an otherwise poor country always belonging to "the revolution." After Dax is himself shot and dies below a statue erected to exploit the memory of his father, does he finally realize he loved his country but had failed both his country and to be the man his father was.

.Of note in this film is the beautiful and often haunting soundtrack. The songs were written by Bossa Nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim. Of the 12 songs featured in this film, three of them, "Children's Games" (Chovendo na Roseira), "A Bed of Flowers For Sue Ann" (Sue Ann) and "Dax & Amparo-Love Theme" (Olha Maria), went on to become some of Jobim's signature songs. These songs were heard for the first time on this soundtrack. For all the bad press this movie received, the bright spot is the thoughtful and often tender music, which stands in stark contrast to the darkness of the themes of the story.

The movie was widely panned when it was first released. In its review, Daily Variety said that Candice Bergen was "the only principal to salvage anything from the film." In 2005, it was listed in the The Official Razzie Movie Guide as one of the Top Ten Best Bad films of all time. Director Lewis Gilbert said on June 25, 2010, on the BBC radio programme, "Desert Island Discs", that The Adventurers was "a big, sprawling, very expensive film which was a disaster. I should never have made it. It's one I'm not proud of."

Candice Bergen The Adventurers Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Sarah Mclachlan

The Adventurers Charles Aznavour 1970 720P

The Adventurers

The Adventurers

About the Movie

Candice Bergen, Olivia de Havilland, Ernest Borgnine, Rossano Brazzi, Charles Aznavour and more star in The Adventurers, an irresistible mega-movie directed by Lewis Gilbert (Shirley Valentine, Moonraker) and loaded with all the trappings and treacheries, power plays and passions, intrigues and in-fighting of the world's super-rich. At the center of the jet-setting story is troubled playboy Dax (Bekim Fehmiu of Black Sunday). Raised far from his South American homeland of Corteguay amid the high society and political intrigue of Italy, Dax uses romance as a stepping stone to success... and all the while schemes to bring vengeance on those who once wronged him and his family. Let the adventure begin.

Actors,  Bekim Fehmiu   Charles Aznavour   Alan Badel   Candice Bergen   Tommy Berggren   Ernest Borgnine   Rossano Brazzi   Olivia de Havilland   Anna Moffo  Leigh Taylor-Young

Credits , Director  Lewis Gilbert   Screenwriters   Lewis Gilbert   Michael Hastings

Producers   Lewis Gilbert   Tony Masters

The Adventurers

Movie synopsis

Set in anarchic South America, THE ADVENTURERS is a thunderously charged 1970s political action-thriller. Bekim Fehmiu stars as Dax Xenos, a troubled playboy whose politico father was killed during a revolution. Searching for enlightenment, Xenos travels from woman to woman in an attempt to cope with his tumultuous childhood. After having an affair with the older and refined widow Deborah Hadley (Olivia de Havilland), he switches gears and falls for the young and sultry Sue Ann Daley (Candice Bergen). The two have a child, but when tragedy strikes and their son is killed, Xenos breaks down and leaves her, opting to seek revenge on his father's murderer, Rojo (Alan Badel). Produced as an end note to the 1960s, THE ADVENTURERS showcases some of the more risqué social trends of the time on both a micro (infidelity, drug use, debauchery, lesbianism) and macro (totalitarianism) scale and then attempts to explain their origins. In one of his darker films, director Lewis Gilbert manages to save viewers from the pitch blackness of utter despair by serving up some of his witty British-isms. Racy nudity and the well timed appearance of Ernest Borgnine as Fat Cat come as welcome bits of comedy relief in this otherwise bleak film. An underrated film that shares themes with works like Shakespeare's HAMLET and Gunter Grass's THE TIN DRUM, the overbearing melancholic truths of THE ADVENTURERS evoke both a crippling sadness for humanity and a hope for future generations to come.

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