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The last living member of Winston Churchill's government: Lord Carrington

The Queen’s Prime Ministers

The last living member of Winston Churchill's government: Lord Carrington - Newsnight

This Was A Man Aka Tribute To Sir Winston Churchill (1965)

The King Comes Home (1952)

The King Who Loved His Family - Reel 1 (1952)

The King Who Loved His Family - Reel 2 (1940-1959)

Royal Opera Night: 'Gloriana' Premiere (1953) | British Pathé

The Crown: Queen Mary aka 'Mary of Teck' Passes Away (1953) | British Pathé

A Royal Life: Mary of Teck, Queen & Mother (1953) | British Pathé

Queen Mother Comes Home (1954) | British Pathé

April 1955: Queen Elizabeth II is greeted by Lady Churchill and Sir Winston Churchill, as she arrives for a dinner party at No. 10 Downing Street

Sir Winston's Farewell To Parliament (1964)

The Nation Mourns (1965)

State Funeral Of Sir Winston Churchill – 1965
The Queen’s Prime Ministers

Winston Churchill was the first of 12 prime ministers who have met with Queen Elizabeth II since she took the throne in 1953. (Photo: Fox Photos/Getty Imag

Why Is John F. Kennedy so Popular?

The 12 Best Lines from Presidential Debates

The History of U.S. Elections (1964-2016)

Every Presidential oath of office (Franklin D. Roosevelt - Donald J. Trump)

Remembering 1968: The return of Richard Nixon

How Nancy Pelosi Became the Most Powerful Woman in U.S. Politics | NYT News


Jacqueline Kennedy’s Notes for Dallas Are Found, Starting a Quiet Tug of War

Her packing list for the trip in November 1963 surfaced three years ago. Since then, it has sat at the Kennedy library: unnoticed, unpublicized — and perhaps off-limits.

Jackie Kennedy: America's first lady

When tragedy struck in 1963, one woman helped an entire nation heal - and 50 years later, Jacqueline Kennedy's legend endures. So what makes Mrs. Kennedy such an icon? Susan Spencer of "48 Hours" reports.

Jackie Kennedy Stands Silently By

After President Kennedy is pronounced dead, a devastated Jackie Kennedy stands silently by as Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as the 36th President of the United States.

Witness to History: LBJ Sworn in as President on Air Force One

The Untold Truth Of America's First Ladies

Landing the title of America's First Lady sounds like a glamorous gig, but the role of FLOTUS isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Louisa Adams once said,

"There is something in this great unsocial house which depresses my spirits beyond expression and makes it impossible for me to feel at home, or to fancy that I have a home anywhere."

And she wasn't the only person to feel cooped up in the White House. Here's a look at some of the most remarkable First Lady tragedies and triumphs throughout  the years…

Dolley Madison's piece of history | 0:28

Mary Todd Lincoln, shopaholic | 1:21

Eleanor Roosevelt's marriage arrangement | 2:04

Jackie Kennedy's other horrible loss | 2:59

Betty Ford's cancer | 3:50

Michelle Obama's garden | 4:38

What will Melania do? | 5:24

Top 10 Influential First Ladies of the United States

First Lady Fashion: 30 Years of Inaugural Ball Gowns

Top 10 Best U.S. Vice Presidents in History

8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist | British Pathé
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