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The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 1953 Specialreportage

The Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel - scientist and inventor

Full text of Alfred Nobel’s will

The very first Nobel Prizes

Prizes for “the greatest benefit to humankind”

Alfred Nobel’s interest in science, culture and society is evident in his will. In the third and last will that he signed in Paris on 27 November 1895, he declared that the major portion of his fortune should go toward prizes in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. Not everybody was pleased with this – it took four years for the executors to convince all parties to follow Alfred Nobel’s wishes. On 10 December 1901 the first Nobel Prizes were awarded.

The first award ceremony “There was certain tension in the air”

1901 Award Ceremony

The first Nobel Prize Award Ceremony was held in 1901. The names of the Nobel Laureates had been kept secret and were revealed only on the same day. Experience the very first ceremony through this eyewitness report.

The Red Cross: three-time recipient of the Peace Prize

Remembering one of Sweden's literary heroes, Verner von Heidenstam, who was born on this day 160 years ago.

Von Heidenstam was awarded the 1916 Nobel Prize in Literature "in recognition of his significance as the leading representative of a new era in our literature."

In the constellation of original artists who regenerated Swedish poetry at the end of the last century, Verner von Heidenstam was the most brilliant star. He was the leader of the generation of poets of 1890;

Nineteen inspiring stories

Marie Curie harnessed the promise of radioactivity. Rita Levi-Montalcini redefined how our bodies work. Tu Youyou’s breakthrough malaria treatment saved the lives of millions around the world. Women who changed science celebrates and explores the lives of the remarkable women who have been awarded Nobel Prizes for their scientific achievements.

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 1953

Specialreportage video Ms Churchill…

While the rain poured down outside on a gloomy afternoon in Stockholm, 10 December 1953, inside the Stockholm Concert Hall the lights glittered on a festively dressed audience including the Swedish Royal family: King Gustaf VI Adolf, Queen Louise, Princesses Sibylla and Margaretha and Prince Bertil. The Nobel Laureates entered the scene. After Birger Ekeberg delivered his presentation speech, each Nobel Laureate was introduced and the Prize awarded. Professor Erik Hultén introduced the Physics Nobel Laureate, Frits Zernike; the Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Hermann Staudinger, was introduced by Professor Arne Fredga; Professor Einar Hammarsten introduced the Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine, Hans Krebs and Fritz Lipmann; and author Sigfrid Siwertz spoke for the absent Nobel Laureate in Literature, Sir Winston Churchill; Lady Clementine Churchill received the Nobel Prize on behalf of her husband.

Frances H. Arnold on choosing a path in a science career. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018

International Year of the Periodic Table - Peter Agre sings 'The elements'

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