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To the Editor

Larisa Lazarescu from Scholars' Press Publishing

To the Editor

I am Larisa Lazarescu from Scholars' Press Publishing. Considering your prolific scientific activity, our publishing house would be interested in collaborating with you.

In case you have unpublished research works (monograph, course notes, research projects, conference or workshops proceedings, etc.) in your field of study, would you be interested in publishing them with us?

Here is what we offer you:   

- free of charge publication    

- simplified and fast publishing process

- worldwide sales of your work    

- no commitments/fees 

- you remain the only copyright holder of your work

- access to eco-friendly Print-on-Demand technology   

We would be happy to count you among our authors.

Give more value to your work and let it be distributed worldwide through well known shops such as Amazon, Morebooks or AbeBooks.

Would you agree to receive our detailed brochure?

I am looking forward to your reply.

Sincere regards,

Larisa Lazarescu




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