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Datum objave: 16.09.2020

Tradicionalno fotografiranje premijera s ministrima

Članovi Vlade fotografirali su se bez maskica, ali uz primjerenu distancu.

PHOTO The traditional photo of the prime minister with the ministers fell

Author: N1 Info

The new, second government of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković performed another formality on Wednesday, before the regular session of the Croatian Parliament - a joint photo shoot on the main steps of the Croatian Parliament.

The government elected in July did not do so immediately after its formation because one member of the government, Minister of Justice and Administration Ivan Malenica, tested positive for coronavirus.

In the meantime, the Minister recovered and took the oath, so the conditions were met for this formality to be completed at the beginning of the regular session of the Parliament.

Members of the Government were photographed without masks, but at an appropriate distance.

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