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Universität Innsbruck

3rd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies 'Redefining and Refocusing Translation and Interpreting Studies'

Universität Innsbruck

TRANSLATA III - Innsbruck, December 7th-9th, 2017


3rd International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies

"Redefining and Refocusing Translation and Interpreting Studies"

Innsbruck, December 7th -9th, 2017 Innsbruck Anna-Säule Maria-Theresien-Straße

Call for Papers    TRANSLATA II 

Call for Papers

TRANSLATA III is the third in a series of triennial conferences on Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Innsbruck. This conference series was launched in 2011 and has always been, from its beginnings onward, one of the largest conferences in its field. TRANSLATA sees itself as a conference devoted to basic research in translatology and has the aim, amongst other things, to re-establish translation proper (=professional translation and interpreting) as a core object of study.

The motto of TRANSLATA III was not chosen by chance. On the one hand, translation and interpreting departments rapidly developed across the world (there are currently over 250 university institutes in over 60 countries),positioning Translation Studies, to a certain extent naturally, within the ranks of university disciplines. However, within the field itself there is no agreement upon what Translation Studies is or should be. Differences range from the definition of the subject matter of Translation Studies, to methodological approaches, as well as to the aim of our research activities. What seems particularly alarming is the fact that Translation Studies, which has been an independent discipline since the end of the 1980s, has largely removed professional translation in the form of translation proper from its sphere of activity and stigmatized it.

On the other hand, translation practice has changed considerably in the last years due to the rapid developments in the digital world and of “Industry 4.0”. It is a great challenge for Translation Studies to decide how it could and should react to these changes.

As a result, TRANSLATA III, entitled “Redefining and Refocusing Translation and Interpreting Studies”, wishes to offer all those dealing with translation theoretically, practically, didactically and commercially a shared forum to discuss questions and problems of translation and the training of translators and interpreters. Thus, the focus in on both fundamentally theoretical, as well as on relevant applied and practical questions, such as the different types of translation and interpreting and their scientific description:

Translation theory and translation process research as well as innovative research methods (e.g. quantitative, empirical approaches supported by statistics)

Interdisciplinary research design in Translation Studies

New linguistic approaches (computer linguistics, corpus linguistics, probabilistic linguistics etc.) and Translation Studies

Translation competence

Translation quality and criticism

Translation didactics

Translation market and practice – new developments

Technical translation

Machine translation

Translation Studies research and/in the digital humanities

Website translation/localisation

Translation technology

Literary translation

Film and audiovisual translation

Conference interpreting

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting

Communal interpreting

Sign language interpreting


TRANSLATA is characterised by high participation and internationality. You are very welcome to present and discuss your thoughts, ideas and experiences to and with the international scientific community of translators.

The working language of the conference will be German but papers are also welcome in English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.


If you wish to present a paper (20 minute presentation followed by 10 minute discussion), please fill in the registration form and submit your abstract (300 words max.) by August 15, 2017. Notification of abstract acceptance will be sent by the scientific committee by July 31, 2017.

Registration fee

Early bird registration fee (until 30th September 2017): 80 €

Registration fee (from 1st October to 15th November 2017): 100 €

Student registration fee: 50 €

The fee includes: conference documents (programme, list of participants, book of abstracts), food and beverages during coffee breaks (coffee, tea, juice and biscuits), some of the additional social events (such as the guided tour of Innsbruck).

Members of scientific committee don't have to pay conference fee.

Scientific committee (in alphabetical order)


Mag. Dr. Erica Autelli, Mag. Mag. Mascha Dabić, Dr. Maria Koliopoulou, Mag. Martina Mayer, BA, Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Alena Petrova, Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Sandrini, Mag. Dr. Astrid Schmidhofer,  Mag. Mag. Dr. Andy Stauder, BA, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Pius ten Hacken, Mag. Dr. Michael Ustaszewski, MSc, Mag. Dr. Katharina Walter, MA, Univ.-Prof. i. R. Dr. Lew Zybatow


Prof. Michaela Albl-Mikasa (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

PhD Nora Aranberri (University of the Basque Country / Universidad del País Vasco)

Dipl.-Üb. Dr. Alexander Behrens (Universität Leipzig)

Prof. Dr. habil. Gyde Hansen (Copenhagen Business School)

Assoc. Prof. PhD Vlasta Kucis (University of Maribor)

Prof. Dr. habil. Anna Malgorzewicz (University of Wroclaw)

Dr. Reinhard Rapp (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)

Ass. Prof. Ioannis E. Saridakis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens  / Lancaster University)

Dr. Dennis Scheller-Boltz (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

Prof. Stefanos Vlachopoulos (Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Igoumenitsa/Greece)

Organising committee

Alena Petrova (head of the committee)

Daria Fuchshuber-Weber, Lisa Lanthaler, Annabell Marinell, Sandra Reiter, Peter Sandrini, Andreas Schumacher, Beate Steinhauser

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