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Who Really Were Marilyn Monroe's Lovers

Death Of Marilyn Monroe (1962)

Who Really Were Marilyn Monroe's Lovers 

Marilyn Monroe has been married three times. But the list of her supposed affairs was far longer. Her first marriage was planned by her foster parents to keep her out of an orphanage. The future star was 16 at the time and was known as Norma Jeane Mortenson. Her husband, James Dougherty, soon joined the Navy, leaving his wife bored and lonely. They divorced four years later in 1946 when Norma chose to pursue a movie career. In a year, she allegedly had a short affair with actor Charlie Chaplin Jr. She was also introduced to 20th Century Fox co-founder Joseph Schenck. Though he was 50 years older than her, she was rumored to be one of his girlfriends. In 1948, she met Milton Berle on the set of Ladies of the Chorus. They had a fling. Berle was called “Mr. Television” as he was the first TV superstar in America. Still, a star on the rise, Monroe dated Elia Kazan, one of the greatest Hollywood directors. Though he was married, he admitted that he “was not sorry about it”. Around this time she met drama coach Natasha Lytess, who’d become her friend and teacher. The two were nearly inseparable for 7 years. Marilyn even moved in with Lytess once. Monroe’s purported female lovers included Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, and Marlene Dietrich. In 1952, Monroe started seeing the renowned baseball star, Joe DiMaggio. They married in 1954 and divorced just nine months after the wedding. DiMaggio wasn’t used to being overshadowed by his spouse. He was jealous and abusive. Monroe claimed the skirt-blowing scene in the Seven-Year Itch was the last straw. They remained close friends for the rest of her life. When Marilyn died, DiMaggio sent roses to her grave every week for 20 years. After the breakup, she had an affair with yet another celebrity, actor Marlon Brando. She also briefly dated photographer Milton H. Greene. They started their own production company in 1954. She then reconnected with playwright Arthur Miller. They married in 1956. She was “mad about him”, he was the only person she fully trusted. The couple tried to have children, but Monroe suffered two miscarriages. They drifted apart during the filming of The Misfits written by Miller. They divorced in 1961 shortly before the premiere. Monroe went out with actor and singer Frank Sinatra for a few months after that. He gave her a white poodle. She named the dog Maf as a reference to Sinatra’s mob ties. Probably her most scandalous relationship was with President John F. Kennedy. Rumor has it, they dated long before her infamous performance at his birthday in 1962. Monroe allegedly met the then Senator Kennedy as early as 1950. It is believed she was also involved with his brother Bobby. Many of her co-stars were considered her lovers. Tony Curtis, George Sanders, Yves Montand. While some of Marilyn’s affairs were confirmed, the others still remain a mystery.

Marilyn & JFK

John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe affair

Private eye's notes suggest Monroe-Kennedy love triangle

CNN's Erin McPike reports on revelations of Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys found in a Hollywood investigator's notes. For more CNN videos, visit our site

The Kennedy brothers were both married and they were dead wrong for targeting and taking advantage of Marilyn like that. And wiretappers are perverts with no lives.

Death Of Marilyn Monroe (1962)

World's Most Expensive Dress Ever Sold - Marilyn Monroe's 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' Gown

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Julien's Auctions: Historic Marilyn Monroe JFK Dress

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