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UMAG(O) CLASSICA: Ensamble Misenscene

Autor: admin | Datum: 18.08.2019
Città di Umago Chiesa parrocchiale
Kategorije: Glazba

Preminuo utjecajni novinar Denis Kuljiš

Autor: Dulčić | Datum: 18.08.2019
Denis Kuljiš rođen je u Splitu 8. prosinca 1951. godine
Kategorije: Društvo

Епархија загребачко-љубљанска

Autor: admin | Datum: 18.08.2019
сликар Епаминондас Бучевски иконописац Николај Александрович Мухин.
Kategorije: Vizualne umjetnosti

'You Do Something to Me' is a song written by Cole Porter. It is notable in that it was the first number in Porter's first fully integrated-book musical Fifty Million Frenchmen (1929)

Autor: admin | Datum: 18.08.2019
The song has been revived and rerecorded many times since, notably by Howard McGillin and Susan Powell in 1991
Kategorije: Zanimljivosti

Marlene Dietrich ft Victor Young's Orchestra - You Do Something To Me (Decca R ecords 1939)

Autor: admin | Datum: 17.08.2019
In the original production, the song was performed by Genevieve Tobin and William Gaxton, performing the roles of Looloo Carroll and Peter Forbes, respectively.
Kategorije: Glazba

Matera Basilicata 2019: a collective journey towards the best possible European Capital of Culture

Autor: admin | Datum: 17.08.2019
'Open Future', to indicate the next step taken on the journey up to that time: to build an open future in all its many facets, through the culture that binds us together
Kategorije: Fenomeni

Mira Stupica i umjetnički Zagreb, kazališna epoha sredinom pedesetih....HNK

Autor: admin | Datum: 17.08.2019
Kategorije: Razgovor

Mira Stupica 17.08.1923. – 19.08.2016.

Autor: admin | Datum: 17.08.2019
Kategorije: Kazalište

Peter Fonda

Autor: admin | Datum: 17.08.2019
He was the son of Henry Fonda, younger brother of Jane Fonda, and father of Bridget and Justin Fonda (by first wife, Susan Brewer, stepdaughter of Noah Dietrich)
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